Bottle Pups, Take II

Here they are again!  The Bottle Pups!  Seriously, don’t you want to just squeeze there big ‘ol pot bellies?

The Bottle Pups

From left to right: Poppy, Peanut, Pancake and Patience

Patience is the big mama of the group…the lone female and the leader of the pack.  It’s so funny watching her run the boys around.  She’s the largest as well.


Her Partner in crime: Poppy


And then there is Peanut


And last but certainly not least, Pancake.


I had so much fun taking pictures of these babies!  They are getting ready for their forever homes.  They are almost 7 weeks and will be available for adoption around 8 weeks.  It took a lot of effort on behalf of their foster mama to keep these babies alive, but wow are they thriving.  It’s almost time to hand them off to their forever families.

If you are in the market for an itty bitty pittie, please visit Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies to fill out an application.

8 thoughts on “Bottle Pups, Take II

  1. Oh, my goodness! What adorable puppies! Those will be some lucky families who adopt them, and I only hope that whoever they go home with will cherish them as they deserve to be, and raise them up to be good role models for their breed.

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