SUNday FUNday

We hope everyone had an excellent weekend!  We had big plans to go here there and everywhere…. but after doing a lot of other things early in the day, we decided we’d just spend the afternoon lounging.  Literally.

The easter bunny brought Bodie a nice big rawhide so he decided to enjoy it in style.

We joked that we created a monster… Once we unfolded the lounge chair, he assumed it was his own personal outdoor dog bed.  We decided to humor him and let him have his Sunday Funday; we all deserve one every once in a while, don’t we?

We hope you all had a great weekend!  Did you do anything special with your pups???





14 thoughts on “SUNday FUNday

  1. Fozzy’s Easter gift was a long swim at the park. He had a blast and it pooped him out for a while. LOL Then he got to spend some outdoor time with daddy.

  2. I did an Easter egg hunt for Coco before I had to work all day. It was super cute and she found every egg, even the one hidden in a tree! 🙂

  3. Does dog park three days in a row count as special? It’s the first time since last summer that we’ve been able to do it. The only problem was that poor Howie (our senior foster) was so very, very tired just walking around on Sunday. (But he HATES to be left behind when the other dogs get to go, so we have a hard time not taking him.)

  4. Our new boy Duncan that we just adopted had to skip the Easter festivities but we came home and took him for a long walk by the lake. It was beautiful out and even when two dogs ran over to say hi Duncan was a gentleman. We’ve only had him a week but we already love him so much!

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