First bottle pup gets adopted!

Look who we have here!  Big girl, Patience, all ready for her furever home!

What is she doing in the sink, you ask?  Well, her amazing fostermama dropped her off to me before work on Tuesday, so I could give her a quick bath before a vet appointment and then off  she went to her furever home!  This little porker is the biggest of the litter– 10lbs at 9 weeks old.  I’m guessing she’s on her way to being a lil Big Mama.

She was shivering when she showed up, probably from the stress of leaving her brudders and her foster mama.  I wondered if a bath would stress her too much, but she seemed to enjoy the warm water despite her plotting to escape.

Should I jump for it?

She enlisted Bodie’s help, he certainly looked big enough to conspire to get this lil girl out of the bath.

Ok, can you break me outta this here sink?

No luck.

I also had no luck trying to get a cute picture of her all wrapped up in a towel when she was drying off in my arms.  I had the wrong lens on my camera, and most of my attempts were pictures of the sink or wall, or completely out of focus, kinda like this one.

But you get the picture, right?  Bundle of chubby cuteness 🙂

Anyway, we can’t thank her foster mama enough for taking such amazing care of the bottle pups.  It’s something I don’t think I could ever do, and I’m just amazed.  If she didn’t step up, there is no question: these day-old babies would have been euthanized.

I love happy endings   🙂


12 thoughts on “First bottle pup gets adopted!

  1. OMD!!! What a bundle of love and cuteness. So happy she’s going to her forever home and hope that her brothers find their loving forever homes soon too.

  2. We keep having bottle baby kittens flowing into the shelter since it’s “kitten season”. I spent the last hour of my work day on Wednesday trying to feed them… it was TOUGH! And they have to be fed so often! Gave me a huge appreciation for the people who step up to save these babies. ADORABLE pictures, thanks for sharing 🙂

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