And he’s almost there!

The long road to recovery… but he’s almost there!  On Friday we dropped the Bodester off at the vet to get his pins out of his bone (ouch) and to get neutered (yippee!), but he came back to us all bandaged up again.  Bummer.

And a bit out of it, understandably.

The good news is this is a soft cast and he’ll only have it for a few days.  Just to stabilize his bone a bit before letting loose (and we’re thankful for that, since Bodie’s definitely got his groove back and is attempting to zoomie like crazy).

The sad part is he missed his first Pits on Parade…but honestly, we’re hoping the next time he gets the opportunity to join one,  it will be with his new furever family!

Until then, he’ll be with us, working on his modeling career.  I can’t tell you how relieved he was that his softcast matched his Sirius Republic collar.  PHEW.  Thank goodness we avoided that pittie-tantrum.

At least I match!


12 thoughts on “And he’s almost there!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I would love this little fella, but since my house is already full and several hundred miles away… I’m hoping that he gets a wonderful forever home.

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