Saturday Stoopin’

What can we say, we’ve totally embraced “stooping” in Baltimore.  We’re transplants (neither of us were born or raised in Baltimore), but we welcomed the stooping tradition with open arms.  Urban dictionary, for those of you who are unaware of the term, defines “Stooping” as: “The act of hanging out in a group of three or more people on a stoop”.  We thank goodness we (party of 2) plus dog (currently Bodie) = group of 3!

It’s a great thing to do on a Saturday morning after a run (often cooling off with a big iced coffee), or a Friday afternoon with a cold beer catching up with the neighbors.

Bodie Boy helping me stretch after a local 10K this weekend

It is also a great way to pimp out the foster de jour.  Case in Point:

We love sticking the ‘Adopt Me’ vest on our fosters, and going, well, no where.  It’s one of the many things we loved about being smack dab in the middle of our little Charm City.

Despite my lack of pictures, he does get a lot of love just hangin’ outside.  I’m just not that talented to talk to people about Bodie/pitbulls/fostering/best coffee shops, etc, and take pictures and hold a leash (and usually a beverage too!).  Call me a poor multi-tasker but I’m just not that good.

Despite a really rainy Sunday, we fully enjoyed our Saturday outside this weekend… if you’re a fan of our facebook page, you also saw Bodie lounging on our outside table!  I (accidentally) forgot to put our his lounge chair outside for him, and when we peeked outside the window, there he was, out top of the table.  He cracks me up.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Stoopin’

  1. Man, I love Baltimore and it has been a couple of years since we’ve visited. I hear you on the picture taking and multi tasking. If I had a dime for every time I thought, “that would be a good picture…”

  2. Stoopin’ sounds like fun! We will “deck” out back with our neighbors – them drinking beer on their deck and us drinking beer on our deck, just chatting with each other. Is that kind of like stoopin?

    • Haha yea kinda! Guess the only difference is the close quarters (you can chat with several neighbors to each side of you), and of course the randoms who are walking by– but yea!

  3. Great thing to do with your foster dog! B’More seems like a great place for it too. Outside informal social spaces are key to getting dogs adopted…and to the revolution!

  4. Oh…I like this stoopin’ thing. I think in Chicago (at least our neighborhood) our front stairs are set back to much to do much interacting with the walkers by…though some people down the block actually take out an inflatable pool and go poolin’ on the sidewalk in the summer. I’m with Emily…we have a whole backyard deck culture. It’s easy to meet people when Miss M is sticking her face into their fence and staring with the whites of her eyes.

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