Bye Bye Bodester

I know I know, if your friends with us on facebook (as you should be, go like us if your not!), we sort of set you all up for failure.  Sorry.

We are not adopting the above named wrinkly cutie pie.  It was never the plan, but I know a lot of people out there were hoping he’d be our forever dog.  The truth is, we’re just not ready, or maybe he’s not the perfect match.  We know the word “perfect” is unfair, but comparing a dog to Knox 24/7 is also not fair, and since we’re still guilty of that…clearly it’s just not time…yet.

But that’s ok!  Because Bodie has met his mate!  An odd coincidence too.  An application came in for him…a  young girl who works for the military (don’t worry, there is a solid plan in place if she gets deployed, but that’s very unlikely as she’s already done that, twice).  She owns a nice big place in the city, not too far from us.  Here’s the crazy party that had me tearing on the phone when we spend a while just getting to know each other:  She just lost her pittieboy named Bookie.  He was only 2.  To some random freak illness.  They have no idea what it was.  Clearly, if you’ve been following us for a while, you know this strikes a chord for us, as we just went through something way too similar.  A very odd coincidence to say the least.

Anyway, my apologies that the pictures are just terrible.  Lucky for us, they live close enough that we’ll go pop in and hopefully visit on a nice day when we can get outside for some better pictures of this perfect match.

So Bodie’s off!  And we already have someone waiting in the wings for us!

Hooray to another successful adoption!  You all thought we didn’t have it in us huh!?!


24 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bodester

  1. YAY BODIE!! You guys are awesome, I’m sad you won’t be keeping him because I won’t see his wrinkly little face on my computer screen, but I am so happy for him! Everything happens for a reason, so this sounds like it was truly meant to be!

  2. Very nice. congrats to Bodi and his new momma. And Congrats to you guys for finding this guy a lovable home and giving him the love he deserved while waiting.

  3. I will miss that cute, little wrinkly face (that first photo is excellent) but am so happy that Bodie has found his human and I hope it all works out well. You’ll know when you are ready for another dog, but until then there are some lucky foster doggies coming your way 🙂

  4. So glad that Bodie has found his forever home, and it sounds like he’s found someone perfect for him. That is an odd coincidence about the pup she lost given what you went through w/ Knox. Some people say there are no coincidences…looking forward to meeting your next foster!

  5. Hooray for Bodie! Although I was hoping you two would take the plunge, I understand that it’s just too soon right now! Sounds like Bodie found an awesome new mama – can’t wait to hear about him checking in from time-to-time!

  6. I’m happy and sad at the same time too. I’m going to miss seeing his face as well and reading his stories. God Bless you for caring for and fostering him. God Bless Bodie and his new person – may they have a long life of health, love and joy together.

  7. I’m happy and sad! But mostly happy. Bodie deserves a wonderful home and you guys deserve a chance to grieve completely and wait for that perfect dog and the perfect dog will find you in the perfect time. So yay!! For Bodie and for the next lucky puppy that you will foster. It must feel so wonderful to play such a part in helping a dog find not only a home but himself.

  8. We are going to miss Bodie, but we are so glad he found a forever home.

    PS. Cinnamon originally belonged to a friend who joined the Army and is serving in Iraq.

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