The New Girl

Have you heard the news?  There’s a new girl in town.  Her name is *Holly* but we’ve been calling her Girlfriend for now… we just don’t think Holly is such a good fit for this anything-but-dainty girl.  (And that’s the name the shelter gave her so we are free to change it).  Anyway, meet the New Girl!

She’s got this adorable white stripe up her nose that’s just so scratchable.

And she’s got these long, blonde eyelashes that she bats effortlessly, putting a spell on any and all to rub her belly.

She’s got quite an exceptional physique, considering she just finished being a mamagirl.

And a ton of love to give, that’s for sure!  We’ll be getting to know this lady over the next week but we can tell already she’s quite a catch.

19 thoughts on “The New Girl

  1. I hear she has a good application on her already!! Someone is going to get very lucky adopting this great girl 🙂

  2. What a looker!! She could be Suzue-Q’s twin, my coworker’s pit. Can’t wait to hear her strong woman name!

  3. Several ideas to think about (obviously I don’t know her personality yet):
    Matilda – Just love it
    Kyra – In Slavonic it means strong woman
    Bernadette (Bernie) – Strong brave bear
    Gertie or Birdie – I know two “big and not dainty” girl dogs that have that name
    Harper Lee – It just sounds awesome plus To Kill A Mockingbird is basically the best book ever

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