Run, Girlfriend, Run.

There’s just something heartwarming about seeing a dog running.  I’m not talking about jogging, or running with a human.  I mean full-out, sprinting till your backside-can’t-keep up-with-your-front-side running.

Running when your cheeks-go-flapping-in-the-wind, running

It’s not often we have the space, reliability, and training with our foster dogs to enjoy them off leash.  It’s a luxury we’ve only had with a handful of our fosters (Buddha, Eve and Lola were the few).  But sometimes the stars align and our hearts are warmed by those happiness-filling outdoor zoomies.

Clearly, it warms girlfriend’s heart too.


12 thoughts on “Run, Girlfriend, Run.

  1. She is beautiful! This is a joyful and heartwarming post. Thank you for making me smile first thing in the morning. God Bless you all.

  2. You’re right! Nothing better than seeing a dog running happily around in the grass, lips flapping in the breeze. Great pics! They certainly put a smile on my face this morning.

  3. Yes! seeing them run-all-out is heartwarming. Girlfriend sure looks happy = )
    I love to see pack run wild. Argus, one of our males dogs, was always slow. When he was young though, he would along side Sasha and to catch up, it seemed as if his turbo power kicked in. It was awesome to watch. Sasha has always loved running and even not that she’s a tripawd, she still beats the 4-legged ones when we open the door to the patio = )

    ~ L.

  4. Girlfriend, you’ve got an amazing smile. Glad you got to run to your little heart’s content! A foster dog’s gotta have that now and then.

  5. I follow you and love love love the blog. Never commented but wanted to let you know that I live up in the country (harford county) and have a large fenced in yard/woods. If you’d ever want to take a trip and let her run I’d be more than happy to put my babies up for a few hours…

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