Girlfriend Grills

We’ve started grilling Sundays…every Sunday we grill.  Veggies, burgers, chicken, etc. (list goes on but I’ll spare ya).  It sets us up for the week so we can spend more time after work at the park or on long walks with the Foster de Jour, instead of slaving in the kitchen (not that I don’t love being in the kitchen… I actually do love it).  Well that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, girlfriend likes to grill too.  In the kitchen, she stakes out a place on her mat, and calmly observes the prepping, chopping, stirring and dicing.  But, outside?  The aroma she just can’t get enough of.

Brian is actually working two grills… and for some (odd) reason, she was drawn to the grill with the portabellas, peppers, and zucchini. 

Maybe it’s that she knew the burgers weren’t cooked to perfection, yet.

Aside from some temperature criticism, Hollygirl completed her taste tests, as every good dog cook should.

 She approved of the meal, and has proved herself an asset to any backyard BBQ.  Any takers out there for a grilling buddy?  She’s clearly bound to succeed in this area.


6 thoughts on “Girlfriend Grills

  1. So sweet! Our dogs always help us when we’re grilling too. It’s good for them to know how to do these things. lol

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