Pits on Parade, May Edition!

I’ve posted about Pits on Parade before.  We LOVE Pits on Parade 🙂  My last Parade was in December with my Boy.  This month, in light of all the attention due to the recent court ruling, in lieu of taking a BARCS dog, I offered to go and take pictures to document the record breaking crowd B-More dog was expecting.  And so it was!  We had over 100 people and approximately 60 dogs!  Wowzas!

The media (WBAL and WJZ, I believe) came out to document and report on our event, and there were a handful of news articles written today as well (The Washington Post and The Sun are two that I’ve seen so far).

Though the ‘mission’ of the Parade was still the same, I think we all felt this was a very important parade due to the current situation here in MD.  What I personally thought was interesting, was how hard the negative comments hit, compared to prior walks.  I will admit, I only had a few compared to the slew of love and support from the majority of on-lookers and observers, but it hurts more now then ever.  I am only two years into this pit-bull thing I’ve certainly caught.  The ladies who run B-More Dog and MABB (and all these other awesome rescue and advocacy groups, here and nationwide) already know what has taken me a bit of time to learn.  Aside from needing a big heart, immunity to licking, and love for these dogs, you sometimes also need thick skin… Not something I’ve always had.  I walked away focused on the 2 bad comments opposed to the 30+ great ones I over heard… I will need to get over that in time, and I do think my skin has toughened up quite a bit (but it certainly has a way to go).

I got home, and went through the 500+ photos I took, and smiled at this wonderful group of people, and those adorable dogs, and the beautiful day.  My my, what a wonderful Sunday.  Despite my skin that needs toughening, I know yesterday was a huge success for the proud pit bull owners here in Baltimore.

I’ve posted a bunch of photos on our facebook page, but here are a smidge of my favorites.

Best Baby Bump!

What a wonderful Sunday with a wonderful group of people.


18 thoughts on “Pits on Parade, May Edition!

  1. These photos are great Jess! My favorite is the photo of the dogs in the water fountain, and my second favorite is the one with the dog in the backpack 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, the photo of the pittie leaning back on his owner brought me to tears…such a poignant photo! I loved reading about this walk – what a great way to show off responsible owners and their loving dogs!

  3. Great pics, Jess! I agree with you on the thick skin…it’s something I too need to work on and learn to ignore those negative comments, they get me so upset! But yesterday was great and we’ve got to remember for every negative there were way more positive! It was such a great experience!

  4. thank you so much for your article and for taking all of these moving pictures. As they say “a picture is worth a thousand words” Your pictures really show the world what we are trying to do with our dogs. That they are just loving family members out to have a good time and that we will stand up for them with everything in us. Keep up the good work!

  5. What a wonderful event. Looks like some amazing people and dogs. As far as the bad comments they’ve probably never owned a Pittie and are going off of the media. You know how wonderful pitties are so just keep your head up and your heart full of love for these wonderful dogs and you’ll be just fine. Big hug!!

    • I sort of laughed at one (but the guy was dead serious)… “aren’t they so inbred that their brains are swelling?” Yea…that happened. I tried to rationalize and talk facts, but was met with “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”…and I simply said “your right– and we have these dogs out her to help spread the good word of the pit bull”. Sigh! I’m sure I didn’t get through to him…but I tried.

  6. I love that ‘everybody is entitled to their own opinion’ comment, why is that people feel that they have to add that at the end of a negative and often ill-informed comment? Do they really think that makes it ok to say something offensive? I think it is a great event and looks like lots of fun, the dogs playing in the water is my favourite shot 🙂

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