Gone with the Wind

Girlfriend is gone, gone with the wind.  So quick, like a nice spring breeze… she was in and out.

It’s a good thing too, since we were actually quite in love with the gal.  Had she stayed any longer, who knows what the turn out could have been.  

On paper, this gal’s resume could not be beat!  A total love?  check.  Walks perfectly on a leash?  Check.  Gets along great with other dogs?  Check check.  Laying at your feet for a belly rub every time you walk (instead of jumping in your face?) Check.  Really, she was quite a catch.  Oh and a beauty!?  HELLO— she’s gorgeous!

Which leads me to this handsome chap: Hans.

Holly + Hans… sitting in on a tree…

Could I possibly keep these two apart?!  I think not.  Who knew, after all Holly’s looking around for The One at the March For the Animals, he was waiting in the wind.

Holly at the Kissing Booth at March for the Animals!

So, Holly’s met her True Love.  And that’s that.  I realize I didn’t ever TELL you all about Holly.  It’s nothing new…the usual.  But Holly is about 3 years old.  She came into BARCS after just having a litter.  She was transferred to the SPCA, adopted out, returned, etc.  MABB finally stepped up when they saw what a super star she was, and the rest is history.    True love in the making.  That’s what it’s all about right?

Here’s to you, Hans and Holly!  To life long happiness.

12 thoughts on “Gone with the Wind

  1. So great when they find the perfect home so quickly! And how cool is that kissing booth? I can’t read what the shirts say? We made stickers for our dogs to pass out at parades and festivals (Kissed by a Pitbull), but I still think Chicago needs a kissing booth.

  2. Congratulations to Holly on finding her new home! And thank you, once again, Jess, for giving another great dog a chance at happiness.

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