What are we up to?

Well, as you know, Holly’s been adopted.  And though I won’t go into detail, the home situation is a bit chaotic right now (there is a long-term visitor of the humankind living with us for a bit, and our 3rd floor is under construction).  Our tiny little row house was just halved in size.  So, we are taking a short break from fostering dogs while I oversee help Brian out on the 3rd floor… we also are away a few weekends in the near future.  A good time for a break.  Right?

But, as you may have spotted on our facebook page… there is a species of another kind that has been inhabiting our bathroom….After all, when your city’s shelter is busting at the seams, and you have a spare, say 8 square feet… why WOULDN’T you fill it with 5 small creatures?!

Fosterdad may not see eye to eye on that last point… but, cuties happen, right?

Stay tuned to meet our five new house guests!

2 thoughts on “What are we up to?

  1. Oh my goodness, 5! But they are little and those little creatures need less attention. Unless they are so young they have to be bottle fed?! Oh, I can’t wait to meet them! I can send Sasha over to help you out, she loves those little creatures = )

    ~ L.

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