What I’ve missed

It’s very refreshing to take a break from fostering, please do not get me wrong.  If you foster, and even if you’re the type that cries your little eyes our when the fosters are adopted (I’m not one of those but I know a few… you know who you are, JW!), you can’t deny that getting back to your unit/pack/family is nice.  For us, after a foster was adopted, we went back to me, Brian and Knox.  Our unit.  Our family.  Just so refreshing.

photo credit: Taylor Smith: http://www.fieldsofgreenphoto.com

Now we don’t have a Knox.  ‘Us’ is Brian and I.  Don’t get me wrong here either, I love ‘us’.  But since February, it’s been weird when we don’t have a foster (or if I’m not dog-sitting) because I miss so many things.  I miss going to B-More dog Pits on Parade with my dog.  I miss going for my morning stroll around federal hill park and chatting with all the regular morning friends.  I miss long afternoon walks – the only time of the day I’m actually ‘unplugged’ for any length of time.  I miss walking to the hardware store just to pick up soap (and get a doggie treat) because dogs are so welcomed.

It’s amazing how empty life is without a dog!  Though we have yet to find our next One, I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with some excellent canine company in pibble form these last few months.

Despite the commitment and responsibility, I have to say, I absolutely agree that a house is not a home without a dog.  And lucky for us, Lovebug is back 🙂  And I’m thrilled to be making kongs at night, giving out belly rubs after work, and getting up 30 minutes earlier for a morning stroll (or jog) around the harbor.

Hellooooooo snotty Lovebug! (Yes, she’s still super snotty and headed back to the vet this week!)

8 thoughts on “What I’ve missed

  1. Our house seems so quiet with just our two pooches and no fosters. I am itching to foster again but Daniel thinks life is a bit too hectic right now to manage another pooch. 😦 I’m glad you have a pup to snuggle for awhile…it is hard to be without it for too long.

    P.S.Lovebug looks a lot like Lollie Wonderdog!

  2. Yes – I know who I am – oy vay!

    I miss Knox for you and Brian. You three were such a nice “us” and I know Knox is smiling down on you and thinking the same thing. Very glad you have Lovebug to share walks/runs and all the other joys of doggie companionship. I hope her boogers clear up soon as they are NO FUN!!!

    Love seeing all your photos, as always.

    The Bleeding Heart 🙂

  3. I think you said it so well. We love our fosters, but sometimes I feel like our own dogs don’t get as much attention when we do have the extra pup, and it is nice to return to life as usual. Though you do show the benefits of having a pooch so well; it really is another social aspect of our lives and a reason to get us up and out each morning. Lovebug has the best smile!

  4. Aw, happy she is back! I cannot imagine my house without a dog, or give = )

    Can’t wait to hear more stories of Lovebug! Hope the snots go away soon!

    ~ L.

  5. Lovebug is beautiful, she has a great smile, even with the snozz! I don’t really remember what life was like without dogs. I know that we’ve seen more sunrises and sunsets with them than in all the years before. We also met many more neighbors while walking the dogs.

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