Dinner al Fresco ala Kong

A few months ago it was Bodie enjoying an early spring dinner al fresco via the Kong Genius:

Now it’s the Bug who’s enjoying an oddly cool June evening dining al fresco (well this was last week if you want to get specific).  What do we love about feeding our fosters out of these toys?  The list is almost endless, but here’s our top three favorite reasons for using Kongs:

1) Mental stimulation!  Check out the concentration here, demonstrated by the Lovebug:

yup, it’s hard work getting the yummies out.

2) Pacing— we’ve had several very skinny pitties, and know what they all had in common?  They scarfed.  As in ‘blink-and-the-bowl-is-empty’ scarf.  Sometimes they need a lil help pacing.

3) Nosework- inevitable.  Sometimes I’ll hide the kong, then they really need to use their nose!  But not always…often the learn to pick it up and slam it on the ground, creating a big mess.  But do you know what is great about the big mess?  They need to use their noses to clean it up!  (Hence all the al fresco dining).

Even Miss Booger Face can use her nose to sniff out all those yummies.

Here are a few more adorable pics of the Bug enjoying her dinner.

My favorite–the upside down pose

How do your pooches dine?  I’ve also heard that gatorade bottles area good ideas (make sure to take all the plastic pieces off)— an idea from our Chickerdoodle friends!  It’s on our to-do list!

11 thoughts on “Dinner al Fresco ala Kong

  1. This reminds me so much of my Alfred. He even has the same collar from Sirius Republic! We use the big black Kong, some terrific durable, stuff able toys from Starmark, and recently bought a giant hard plastic Jolly Ball (horse toy), drilled some holes all around, and fill it with kibble. That keeps him busy for quite a while and definitely keeps him from scarfing!

  2. We feed raw so their food is always served in bowl, but I do stuff a Kong with fruit and yogurt and stick it in the freezer for their nightly treat. I love how they get as much as they can and then bring the Kong to us to help, or start thumping it on the floor. It is a very thought provoking ‘toy.’

  3. I always fill a Kong for each of my dogs at night and stick it in the freezer for a treat the next morning. It’s the only thing I’ve found that keeps my younger one busy for more than 2 minutes. Both of them are scarfers, too, but the frozen Kong means they have to slow down. What I fill it with depends on what I have in the house (by the way, oatmeal with some molasses and blueberries? Yum!), but they love it – they go racing to the freezer pretty much first thing in the morning. I love the upside down pose, too – my Pit mix tends to eat his the same way.

  4. We feed our pack in bowls, but they are not allowed to get the food until we say, “come and get it.” a few times, my husband has forgotten to say the words and the poor pooches wait. Our cousin once thought our dogs were dumb because we served the food, and they didn’t attack it as hungry beats, he asked, “what’s wrong with you, eat?” Then he learned they had to wait for us to let them eat. However, we do have one dog who eats her food in seconds. We are thinking of adding balls in the bowl.

  5. Even though Ray is highly motivated by treats in general, he is not a scarfer when it comes to his food but he loves his kong. I stuff one with his breakfast left overs and freeze it for a midday snack when his dog walker comes by to let him out. Sometimes when we feed him he will sniff the bowl, walk away and pick up his kong and drop it looking for food. I need to get him a bigger one since he is still using his baby kong. 🙂

  6. We like to do a frozen kong in the summer, but the Gatorade bottle with holes in it is a favorite among my clients!

  7. You’re a mind reader. When you mentioned how you miss stuffing Kongs at night, I wondered who you use them. Is freezing them the key? And do you remove it after they have it long enough? Reason I ask is I stuffed a non-frozen kong with kibble for Bonnie. Smart dog that she is, she ate the small end off and emptied it easy-peasy. Thoughts anyone?

    • I love freezing them since it makes it harder for the yummies to come out! I usually make them the night before, freeze and leave them in their crate when I leave (helps with separation anxiety, good crate association, boredom, etc, when I’m at work all day). I use a knife to slather some peanut butter, yogurt, or canned pumpkin inside the kong first, THEN fill with kibble, then seal it off. The first layer helps make it tough till the last morsel 🙂 Hope that helps!

  8. Hmmm, how funny! I had a post sitting in my drafts for publishing this morning about how much I love puzzle toys! Lovebug is truly adorable but I do miss Brodie’s forehead wrinkles 🙂

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