Party of three!

He’s ours.  He’s been ours since our love affair started.  He’s everything we want and need and his 20lb head is currently over heating my lap.  And it’s a wonderfully comforting feeling.

WE have a dog again.  It’s such a wonderful thing to say!  We were set up, but we were totally ready for it.  It’s time 🙂

It was this picture that first stole my heart… I mean is there anything NOT to love about a macho man in a tutu?!  I think not.  This photo credit goes to Lisa, who was his date at the Baltimore Pride Parade and also there for his intake/surrender.  The literal second I was liking/commenting on this picture, she posted the following on my facebook page, like the exact same second, saying that Chock was excited to meet me tomorrow at our fundraiser for BARCS.  To say that she knew what I was looking for was an understatement.  She knew all to well.

Look at that tongue!

The rest is history.  Brian and I have been ready for a dog for a while.  We contemplated adopting Holly, and Lovebug, and even Bodie (though I was so against a dog that young)… but all along, we were waiting for our perfect match.  There really is nothing imperfect about any of our previous fosters… but we just knew they weren’t our next heart-dog.  At one point, Brian suggested just heading to the shelter, and picking a random… just like we did with Knox.  It worked out for the best in the end, didn’t it?  His suggestions made sense…the longer we had a dog, the longer we nit-picked.  Knox was far from perfect, but with your dog, you make it work.  So when Chock arrived, we both knew it was a done deal.  A few quick things to iron out (like meeting his inherited bff, Tyson, which went amazingly), but we knew, he was ours.

And here he is.  Welcome Chock.  We’ve been waiting for you.  And we know Knox would approve 🙂

now about that ‘adopt me collar’…. it has got to go!

44 thoughts on “Party of three!

  1. I really understand how a certain “someone” can come into your life and just fit right in. Next week will be a year since we lost our boy and as much as I wanted to just go get another dog my husband really wanted to wait…… was very smart and the “dog gods’ were watching out for us too. We have our new girlfriend who is perfect for us and I am sure Mugsy would approve too. As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I am so happy for you, Brian and especially Chock……..looks like he hit the doggy power ball!!!!!

  2. The last thing my sister said to me on Saturday was “They need to get him a different collar!” 🙂 Congrats to you, Brian and Chock!

  3. This is fabulous news. I’m at work right now trying not to shed tears of joy for you all (so my co-workers don’t think I am crazy). I had a good feeling about Chock when I saw your first post about him. Congrats!

  4. I was hoping so so badly that this was your news and not that he was getting adopted by someone else. He truly looks like your perfect match, welcome home Chock!

  5. I’m so happy for you guys! And for Chock – what a happy ending for one pup on the end of this stupid ruling. He’s a very handsome boy, and I know you guys are over the moon.

  6. Jess, I love this! In that photo with Knox’s photo, you can really compare the two, and Chock is like the brown version of Knox!! He looks like such a great boy, he really lucked out 🙂

  7. Aahhh… happy tears for you two and Chock. The picture of Chock with Knox in the background just made my day.

  8. I am tearing up too at this beautiful news! I am so thrilled for you that you found your next heart dog. He is an absolute stunner and I can almost feel his sweetness through my screen. I can’t wait to read more about his journey with your family. Welcome to the blogosphere, Chock!

  9. Congratulations, the three of you make a wonderful family and I’m pretty sure that Knox would want it that way. So very happy for you and for the Chock-full-of-goodness handsome boy in the tutu 🙂

  10. Aw, congratulations to all three of you! He is beautiful! Look at that head and that tongue!


    I wanted to comment last week, but I was away in Philly with Sasha – she’s participating in a Bone Cancer Study at UPenn.

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