Chloe and Chocko’s weekend

Chocko had a visitor this weekend, our previous foster Chloe Belle!!!  Yup, her humans were in Me-he-co for a few days and Chlo got to play with Chock all weekend… and do I mean PLAY. ALL. weekend.  Sheesh!  I was getting flashbacks to the Tyson & Knox “rolling around like tumble-weeds” days.

We tried not to let them get too carried away, and only let them wrestle around for a few minutes before telling them to chill out (and they listened so well…I was impressed).

Now this is not the first time they’ve met.  If you recall, Chloe was adopted by our very good friends who also happen to live around the corner, so they’ve walked together and had many a butt-sniffs.

Speaking of butts, how cute are their lil tush’s?!

I think they look pretty good together, don’t you?

It was a good weekend tester…and it reminded us that just because this boy is four years old, doesn’t mean the play is all out of him.  Nope, he’s got a ton of play behavior left so it’s a good warning for us for fostering… starting from scratch there!

We’re up for the challenge (not yet though!)

Hope you all had a good weekend and got as much lovin’ as I did 🙂

9 thoughts on “Chloe and Chocko’s weekend

  1. Thanks again for watching our girl!! It was so awesome to get pic updates 🙂 she was happy to see us but t.i.r.e.d.! I think she was looking for chocko at the park this am!!

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