Evey got Lucky

oh that Evey girl!  What a lucky gal.  Her adopted name is Jayde, but she’ll always be Eve to us.  She was adopted and got to live on a farm! 

Doesn’t get much better….but she recently lost her (much) older brother.  We are very sorry for her loss.  Recently loosing Knox we can understand all to well how the loss of a pet can affect us all.

But do you know what makes Eve/Jayde lucky?  She went and got herself her very own Lucky!  Yup, her mama decided to get her a foster brother, from MABB, named…. LUCKY!

Here’s her email update from their first day:

So far so good…. He [Lucky] laid down stretching out and taking up the whole back seat all the way home.  Jayde was forced to sit on the floor for a while.

It was pretty comical actually.  She got her revenge once she got him home in the yard.  She went right into wrestle mode with him.

He warmed up to it rather quickly and held his own as you can see in the pics.  Once they burned off that energy we went in and they took a little nap on the recliner and cooled off.  Then around 8:00 we went for a nice long walk and came back and they ate dinner and we relaxed before bed.  When I woke up, they were beside me and Jayde was spooning him.  He started out at the foot of the bed.  I wish I would have had my camera handy it was really cute.  
 Eve really did go and get herself a Lucky, didn’t she!
We’re so sorry for Eve’s loss, but we’re glad she has Lucky to distract her from the heartache.  And it certainly looks like he’s doing a good job of that!
Lucky is available for adoption (I made a mistake earlier and thought it was an adoption, my bad friends!)  Anyway, he’s super awesome with other dogs and is doing so well on a farm with horses.  If your interested in this handsome fellow, please fill out an application through Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies! You won’t regret it!
(photos all courtesy of Jayde and Lucky’s mama, Angie)

5 thoughts on “Evey got Lucky

  1. So happy together! Beautiful dogs!

    I think Lucky should be a permanent resident at the farm = ) Is the farm available for adoption? I’d take it = )

    ~ L.

  2. These “real” stories are a breath of fresh air as they make my mornings, need to change my default home page to here 🙂

    Farm lifes sounds pretty awsome for that lucky girl.

    Great stuff!!!!!

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