Collar Tag giveaway!

We have a confession to make… our dogs are often tag-less!  I wish we had the funds to buy a new collar and a personalized tag for every foster that comes through, but we just don’t.  That being said, even Knox and Chocko are tag-less sometimes!  Yup. That’s right. They always have a phone number and name on their Sirius collars, and are microchipped, and if we are ever off leash I make sure the tags are on… but… well, part of the wardrobe was definitely missing.

Luckily for us, we were offered a dogtag for Chocko and a foster tag from!  I kinda didn’t realize we were even missing it… oops.  Fear not, said Dog Tag Art!  So we perused their hundreds of designs (yea, there is a LOT) and decided to make Chocko a custom tag and then chose one of their artist-designed tags for the future foster.

They arrived attached to an adorable post card with tag silencers (we were really happy about that since that’s kind of the reason our dogs aren’t always tagged… I promise we’re going to get better at that though!)

It was super duper easy to select the pre-designed tags.  Just customize with your information on the back and voila!  An adorable, sturdy tag for your collar.

(I took the silencer off the Adopt Me tag so you could get a better view).

We love this simple yet catchy tag.  During a stroll down the street or a visit to the park, if our fosters are sans bandana or vest, this is the perfect accessory to always advertise their availability!  And we love the back too…

We chose not to put our addresses on the tags, and instead just our phone numbers and another adopt-me push!  🙂  Subtle, we know.

The tag on the left is obviously Chocko’s (Yup, you guessed it, the one that says Chocko.) We personalized his with our phone numbers, as well as the city.  Not sure why… just did that.  When you personalized the tags on Dog Tag Art, there are six different fonts (we went with a combination of comic sans and arial), as well as several different sizing options.

Customizing Chocko’s was a bit more difficult.  Now you could easily upload a picture to the site and it’s pretty easy, but I had to go get all complicated.  See I’ve been wanted to have an icon (or ‘Branding’ as I recently learned what it’s called) but haven’t gotten around to it.  So I decided to play with photoshop elements… Which is a program that still completely baffles me.  Well long story short, I didn’t want a picture on my tag, so I played with some layers and found a cute blue paw-print fill layer… I added some text (this sounds  WAY simpler then it was to me at the time!) and saved it as a .jpeg.  Once that was all done, it was easy breezy to upload it to the site and create my tag.

Here’s Chocko getting a little carried away modeling his new tag.

Ok so, do you want one?  Of course you do!  So here’s how to enter to win a free tag from

1) Go check them out, and peruse the selection.

2) Leave a comment on THIS post with which design is your favorite (don’t worry if you win and you decide you want to custom make your own, that’s totally fine!)

3) Enter to win by Wednesday night, August 1st at 11:59pm EST.

This giveaway is open to US residents and will end on August 1st, 2012 at 11:59 PM (EST). The winner will be chosen at random using  a random number generator from all eligible entries ( The winner will be notified via e-mail and will have three days to reply or a new winner will be chosen. The gift code will be sent via e-mail. No mailing address is required for this giveaway.

Goodluck!  I can’t wait to hear about your favorites!  I really was crushing on a lot of the tags in the “Vintage and Retro” category and this one was my favorite runner up!


26 thoughts on “Collar Tag giveaway!

  1. I love the handlebar moustache tag! My only “complaint” about this website is they have a category called “Weird Tags” and in that category are the gay/lesbian tags. It seemed like this was more of a miscellaneous category, so maybe change the name to that rather than saying that a tag that is for gay pride is “weird.” Or maybe I’m just being oversensitive?

    • That is a totally legitimate complaint…and I agree! Not oversensitive at all. I’m sure it’s feedback like this they are looking for. I’ll make sure they see this comment. Thanks Kate!

      • Thanks so much! They certainly are a cool company and I wouldn’t want this to hurt their sales! 🙂

        Also, Chocko’s bottom lip kills me every time!

  2. Our dog has one of their tags and I love it! I really wanted the “Adopt Me” tag you got for our fosters, but since we needed two they ended up with cheaper ones from PetSmart. Definitely wish I’d sprung for the Dog Tag Art ones for them.
    Before we discovered silencers, the dog I had growing up always had her tags scotch taped together- otherwise my dad would get annoyed with the sound and take off her collar or tags.

  3. Love these! The James Bond bow tie one is my absolute favorite though 🙂 My dog has a tuxedo chest and therefore would look quite dapper with a bow tie to match.

  4. They’re all so cute! It was a toss up between the New Orleans Saints “Who Dat?” one since that’s how Nola got her name, or the “Can I lick you” one, becuase she licks EVERYONE she meets. Considering I named the blog after her famous kisses, I think Nola would apprecaite the “Can I Lick You” tag!

  5. Wow, those are great. There are so many choices that I kept finding a new favorite. I got pretty excited when I saw Ravens, but then realized it was anti-Ravens…boo. I also gravitate toward “girly” designs much to the chagrin of my husband, even though I’m sure Ray would wear anything. 🙂 So I guess my favorite so far is the peace pup one.

  6. OMG, girl! there were at least a dozen that I wrote down that I liked that would be perfect for my Charlie….BUT then I saw the FLORIDA LUV4U LICKER LICENSE one an nearly died. As you know I just moved to FL from B-more so this couldnt be more fitting. I was hoping for a Baltimore, Ravens, or Crab one but didnt see any so this “Licker License” one was definitely the winner.

  7. I like the Batman logo tag with the logo from the Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson movie. I think our pup would make a great BatHound (a character that really exists in the comic book!)

  8. I love the Lupine ones. My Irish Wolfhound has over a dozen Lupine collars so it would be hard to pick just one… but today he’s wearing his Go Go Gecko collar so I guess I’ll go with that design.

  9. Sorry for the test message I posted this morning and sadness it did not go through. OK so here is my comment again:

    Ah what a fun idea! Chocko must love his new collar. This would be great for Casori cuz I have a fear of loosing her in NYC, although she doesn’t leave my side so that might be hard. Her collar also still says Bmore so we have to fix that. My fave is the bowtie but since Cas is a girl maybe not, lol. So the next one I like is the pittie once since all her besties are pitties: But the winner prob has to be the rescue tag since she is rescue and is very proud of that, and a great example of why you should recue:

    She would be honored to wear that color!

    Hi Chocko!!!

  10. I love the paisley ones for Skye, but I especially like the moustache for Parker! So many great choices!

  11. I love the Best Friends part one and part two. We just adopted our very first Pittie on Wednesday and he is need of a new tag. We have a beagle already, but they were fast friends. It would be nice to have matching tags and the best friends ones would be perfect 🙂

  12. I’d have to say that I like the Bird Hunting or the Mossy Oak tag for my dog (he is a German Shorthaired Pointer) but there were some others that I did like. The hunting ones only feel fit for a dog that hunts, plus he has a Mossy Oak collar and leash so it would match.

  13. Omgosh, do you honestly expect me to only pick one!?!? I can’t! I’ve been trying for the past hour! Mama’s Boy is just perfect for my pittie! The Autodogs and Decepticats are freaking awesome! The “I have more nipples than you” tag just makes me lol. “Hello, my name is NO! Leave it! is also very fitting! Ugh! How dare you make me choose just one. OK ok, my vote will go to…

    Little Shadow. Not a comedy one, but so perfect it fits.

  14. Oh, glad I looked through the comments, I was just going to enter the giveaway (and was going to donate it to you, he-he). Congratulations to Lindsey!

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