Squeeky clean!

It was long over due…

Chocko had to go head to head with the hose, and he lost.

He was unimpressed with this so-called bathing…and he thinks his pedicure was super un-called for.

He did however love doing zoomies to ‘dry off’….

And he took advantage of some of the conventional drying methods as well.   The good ‘ol shake and toweling off.

What’s more comforting that a green ball and being toweled off by your mama and dad?!  Nothing. In. The. World.

Do you all take advantage of outdoor bathing in the summer?  We’ve found baths are only needed right when are shelter pups arrive at our house and a few times a year for maintenance.  The secret to a clean smelling pup is keeping their bed/crate mat clean!  We use unscented, mild detergent.  And a hypoallergenic dog soap…but this week, Chocko is red and itchy.  I’ve heard Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo is the way to go… any suggestions?  Knox used to get itchy and red after a bath too.  Seems ironic, doesn’t it?!


17 thoughts on “Squeeky clean!

  1. I’ve done Johnson&Johnson before and it works ok. Check with Emily at Our Waldo Bungie. There’s an unscented dog shampoo that she discovered. We use it on Annie and Paul and it doesn’t seem to attract bugs (lots of swamp land in VA with lots of bugs that like good smelling things).

  2. He is adorable. And I love the zoomies hahah. Random question… What kind of ball is that? It looks awesome! Our pup love balls of all kinds but always try to tear them up. That one looks pretty sturdy 🙂

  3. Try an oatmeal based shampoo. It helps with itchies & skin irritation. I would bet that either Chocko is sensitive to something in the shampoo or that the bath removes the oil & dirt layer of protection so right after the bath, he’s reacting to something that in the environment that he’s sensitive to.

    I love dog bath pictures! They’re always so cute!

  4. I’m using Organic shampoo by Only Natural Pets. And I will use the wading pool in the summer. What is it about the bath that causes them to have the zoomies?

    Speaking of, they each really need a bath. 🙂

  5. We use “Tropiclean” neem in the summer and oatmeal in the winter. The bottle looks cheesy, but there are very few ingredients (all pronounceable) and my dogs are never itchy after.

    • We used the TropiClean Oxy-Med! He’s still so red and itchy…but maybe it took off all his good oils and he’s having a reaction to the grass (which he rolled around in on Sunday..) hmmm!

  6. We bath our dogs with a natural oatmeal shampoo, especially Argus, who gets a lot of bumps if we used something else. However, recently we got a shampoo at Petsmart, and Argus didn’t react to it; so now we either use an oatmeal shampoo or the one from Petsmart, but I don’t recall the name and I’m not home to check – all I know is that it smells nice, like apples.

  7. Heehee I love it! Sooo I wonder if you could do the no ‘poo thing with dogs and use baking soda and water or apple cider vinegar and water! That wouldn’t be itchy!

  8. My vet once told me that most people worry they don’t scrub their dogs enough during a bath when the truth is that nobody rinses their dogs enough. Her advice: when you think you are done rinsing, thoroughly rinse again. Then, do it again.

    I would especially be obsessive about this when using only cold water, which is a bit less effective for rinsing.

    I have had good luck with giving sensitive dogs a final rinse of diluted white vinegar (half vinegar, half water). It is a mild anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, and some pitties just seem prone to such skin problems.

    Using a fragrance-free and color-free dog shampoo can also help, as well as avoiding conditioners, which can leave a film that attracts dirt.

    Skin problems are the worst! Best of luck with this!

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