Training time!

I know I know, we’ve been MIA.  It’s not the end of it either.  The humans are keeping up an insane schedule this summer so despite the expected lack of posts in the coming weeks, I promise that Chocko is getting everything he needs and more right now.

ready for my walk!

Our big boy is getting training walks twice a day, and also is going to his basic training class on Wednesday evenings.  He’s such a superstar, but there are definitely areas where he needs improvement.  His sit-stay?!  phenomenal!  Heeling?  Amazing… unlesssss another dog happens to be approaching.  This is his big obstacle.  He’s reduced his reactive distance down to about 6 feet, but that still won’t cut it here on our city streets where every turn brings a new dog.

He doesn’t wig out… he just postures, pulls, and sniffs – 98% of the time.  But because I have high hopes of fostering with him in the next few months, the rule will be no approaching other dogs until I say it’s ok (can you imagine me walking two unruly pitbulls down the street, dragging me around?!  Not the best public image, huh!).  So until he gets this rule, no leash hellos for a while.  And he’s doing better than I ever imagined!  The blanket rule- no saying hello to anyone (even to his buddies) is helping him so much.  Oh and hot dogs.  They help too.

And his ball.  His green ball.  That helps a lot.  Did you see the post from Love and a Six Foot Leash?  That inspired us to be ball walkers.  Doodlebug is so helpful.  Thanks Dude!

He’s such a natural!  You’d think he’d prefer a smaller ball but no…this is his favorite.  The Cuz, minus the legs.  Whatever works, right?!

I got the sit-stay down ma, can we WALK now?!

Anywho, thanks for bearing with us over the next 8 weeks.  Life is crazy right now – as in completely over-booked.  And after a long work day, the Chockster demands a long walk, belly rubs, and lovin’ – sans laptop.  So, you’ll still be hearing from us (and if you’re not a fan on our facebook page, head there since there are plenty of quick updates always!) but not at our typical few-times-a-week posts.

Thanks for hangin’ with us friends!  We’re off to walk!

7 thoughts on “Training time!

  1. He’s so handsome, and I love that he walks with his green ball = )
    Argus used to walk with a stick-like toy when he was a pup. Luckily, he nor Sasha ever reacted to other dogs while walking. Alli and Tommy do a bit, but most often, with a correction their attention is reverted back to us and the walk.
    Good luck with all the training!

  2. I’d sure be interested to hear more about how you are training him for leash hellos. This has always been a problem, one of my dogs pulling me in order to sniff another dog.

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