I’m a Handydog

Hey virtual friends!  Chocko here.

I thought I’d show you all the hard work me and the big guy have been doing on the house.  Now some of you may have already guessed there were some renovations going on when you saw this picture of me on the facebook page, helping to warm cut the drywall.

Well clearly I was such a good Handydog that I was allowed to help with the big jobs too.  We’re working on the 3rd floor so on Sunday we decided to show my servant my mama how much progress we were making.  Mama was soooo happy that she decided to snap a few ‘in-progress’ pictures, so naturally I just jumped right in to give the tour since I’m not camera shy.  Mama kinda forgot to take pictures of our handy work and just kept pointing the clicker thingy at me!  Don’t worry I reminded her not to just focus on my handsome mug.

Not me mama…the walls! Take picture of the walls.

I’m a pretty handsome Handydog, huh!  Here’s me and the big guy showing mama the new closet.  Don’t worry, my greenball comes everywhere with me.  I love it when it’s extra dusty.

Aren’t my paws so cute?!

We’re a good team, aren’t we?  I’m a good Handydog supervisor too.  I think they are going to promote me officially soon… I’ll keep you posted.  (But you all should keep your lil paws crossed for me!)


I can’t wait till this room is done…I’m so proud of the work so far.  What do you think?  I’m a fantabulous Handydog, right?  Promotion?  What do you all say?

11 thoughts on “I’m a Handydog

  1. Chock, what a great job you have done – can’t wait to see the finished room! I am sure your performance is under review, and you’ll get the well deserved promotion real soon! =)

    ~ L.

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