Weekend in review…

I was not home this past weekend… I was out partying like a rockstar being a totally responsible adult in Atlantic City.  Hubby was doing the same in South Beach…didn’t I mention we have a lot of weddings and wedding related affairs coming up?  I wasn’t kidding.

So, lucky us that I was able to bribe a friend I’ve met through volunteering at BARCS to camp out at our place.  Well, lucky Chocko I should say.  Usually, we do a lot of dog swapping around here.  Between Chloe, Tyson, and now Molly (see below) thrown into the mix, there is  a lot of swap-a-bull dogs to go around.

Molly- adopted by G&A in June (previously know as Honey from BARCS)

But, since everyone seemed to be traveling, there was a lot of scrambling and ‘what to do with the dogs?‘  I’m not comfortable boarding Chocko yet, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be.  Knox was a doggie day care supastar but I’m not sure that’s Chocko’s groove (I’d say he’s dog selective…I think…which would count him out for daycare).  Besides, it’s been just under 2 months and I wanted him home.  Stability.  He’s still pretty anxious so a new environment wasn’t what I was going for.

But he got a whole lot more love then I ever imagined.  Here are just a sprinkling of iPhone (unedited) pics that were sent my way over the weekend… Knowing your dog is in good, capable, loving hands?  PRICELESS.


“Hi Ma! Everything is GREAT here! Enjoy those Jell-o shots!”


Lots of luvin… I’m pooped!

I wish I was able to be this at ease every time I left him.  What do you all do when you travel?  I’m always looking for suggestions/ideas!

And a big shout out to J for taking great care of our boy (and providing us with lots of pics from the weekend– all photo’s courtesy of J’s iPhone!)


18 thoughts on “Weekend in review…

  1. We always try to use ( responsible and dog savvy) family friends first. Last Year we researched a board facility close to where we were staying in the Cape. It was great b/c we were able to pick up our guy when we wanted to take him to the beach and bring him back before curfew 😉 . The pictures make it much easier when they’re away. The first time I boarded any of our dogs was for 1 night in NYC and I was sobbing at the door as she walked in no hesitation. They called me 2 hours in and emailed me pictures so I could rest easy..

  2. I know that exact feeling, when you get the text photo and realize that all is right in the world! It helps us enjoy the human weekend away so much more! I opt to have someone come stay at the house (usually his regular dog walker) also — partly due to Melvin being ‘selective’ but mostly becasue of his severe allergies.

    The photos above are AWESOME! Love the breakdancing.

  3. Our go-to solution is to drop Teddy off with my sister-in-law down in DC. She loves having him and he’s comfortable at her apartment. Plus, inevitably, news of his arrival spreads and her friends come over and fawn over him as well, which he loves. That is our preferred solution. In fact, he’s headed there this weekend while we go to a wedding.

    However, if we can do so, we take him with us. This is mostly when we’re driving somewhere and the trip will be dog-friendly (i.e. we won’t have to leave him for any length of time, etc.). If the economics are right, we’ll even take him on a plane with us, rather than board him. He’s a seasoned flyer at this point and typically lays down in his bag under the seat and snoozes.

    Mind you, Teddy is an 11lb Shih Tzu, so our experience and options are different from those with bigger pooches. He hates the kennel…I think he thinks it’s doggie prison. He doesn’t sleep and barely eats and comes back strung out and exhausted. So, we try to avoid that if at all possible.

  4. Either Petey comes with me or he stays with his walker and her husband. He LOVES THEM. If anyone who reads this is in Manhattan or Brooklyn and wants further info, by all means email me.

  5. Oh Jess, I love Chocko! Love the pictures, but my favorite?! “Cheeezin’”…its: priceless!

    Carlos and I are home-bound people, so we don’t know people. We are lucky that his sister and her friend live near by, they are have stayed with the dogs several times. While making the trips to Philly for Sasha’s clinical trial, his sister’s friend stayed in our house with 3 dogs, while we took 3 with us (we own 5 but are dog sitting!). Unfortunately, they are planning on moving, when? Who knows, but when/if that happens, we’ll need to search for a solution because not traveling together its silly.

    Anyone out there in Raleigh who wants to meet our pack and stay with them sometime? Give me a shout =)

  6. Oh goodness. I know just what you mean! We live in the Pittsburgh area, and my best friend is the only one we trust to watch our pups when we travel. She is currently studying abroad in Australia, so we have committed ourselves to being homebodies until she returns! I just came across your blog today, and really enjoy it. Your pup is SUCH a handsome boy!

  7. I love each and every one of those pics so much, haha. Breakdancing is the best! Please get him a boombox and a sideways baseball cap so he can be a breaker for Halloween 🙂 We try to have someone stay at our house when we’re out of town too, it’s so much easier on the dogs.

  8. I bet that made you feel a whole lot better!! I don’t like traveling, mostly one of us travels while one stays home, I really don’t like boarding. If we both have to be gone I get someone to come and stay at the house. I’m thinking Sampson, Hubby and I will be going away and I will be asking my trainer if Delilah can stay with her.

  9. Love, love, love the pics of Chocko!! What a handsome boy. I wish we had someone we could leave our little girl with the few times we do have to leave her….anybody in Rockville who would babysit a way cool princess??

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