Random run-in!

Last week, Chocko and I had just returned home from basic obedience class and after circling to look for parking for a good 20 minutes, we were anxious to get inside and eat dinner.  Mr. Chocko was so tired, he laid down at my feet while I ate (if you could call my cabinet scavenging dinner) and played on my laptop.  My phone rang and it was the hubby reporting back on his fantasy football draft team.  I was zoning out because I could care less   on the edge of my seating, listening to his report when I was distracted with a notification on my facebook wall – it said “I’m outside your house”.  Well I jumped up, hung up on my husband and ran to the door.  Chocko was so confused but when I flung open the door at 9:15 pm, there she was!  Our virtual buddy, Juliana from Peace, Love & Fostering.  This was the 2nd time we’ve met face to face, but it was such a wonderful surprise this time!  And Chocko, despite his tiredness, did some breakdancing just for her.  Always the gracious host he is!

Anyway, here’s a few pics from our encounter!  Head over to her blog and check out her recap of the evening.  Chocko got some good night-cap belly rubs in too so he went to bed happy.

I love this small city and the random run in’s that happen here.  It’s not coined Smalltimore for nothin’!

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