Two Fabulous Dogs

On Saturday I got to spend some time taking pictures of two adorable adoptables from Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies… Peony and Micah (aptly named in honor of the Jewish holiday)!

I love taking photographs of adoptable pups.  It’s one of the fun ways I get to do my part in the process of helping these dogs find their forever homes.  I feel a terrible pang of guilt that we’re still not fostering.  Chocko’s just not ready yet.  But here’s my eansy weansy tiny contribution.  And I get to meet some great dogs, get some sloppy kisses, and work on my ever evolving (and hopefully improving) photography skills.

Now onto our two adoptables (I have no double they will go f.a.s.t.)


She’s beautiful, sweet, easy-going and is ready to dish out kisses to anyone she meets!  For a dog that’s only about a year and a half, her energy level is pretty impressive (as in very calm).  She’s an example of a dog who showed terribly in a shelter enviroment due to stress…but out of the shelter and in your arms?  I can’t imagine a dog that could ‘show’ any better.

peony and allie 2 peony and allie peony4 peony2 peony3

And then there was this meaty boy,


Seriously, how handsome is this bachelor?  Only about a year old he’s a small, compact tank of a boy with a beautiful set of eyes (they make me melt!)  He’s energetic and interested in the world!  A dog ready to start the next chapter of his life and forget what brought him here.

blue edit 3 blue edit blue edit 2 blue edit 1

12 thoughts on “Two Fabulous Dogs

  1. Peony has the same head, ear set & jowls as my Izzy, who when we had DNA tested had 1/4th Tree Walking Coonhound in her. Perhaps Peony also has hound in her, which levels her energy. Both Izzy & her sister Eva are laid back dogs & both from MABB.

  2. What adorable pups! You mentioned at the beginning of the post that Chocko isn’t ready to be a foster brother just yet, and I am wondering how you know when a dog is ready to start fostering. My husband and I want to start fostering, but sometimes we worry that our pittie girl (who is dominant and slightly bossy, but plays well with others) is not ready for it. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    • Excellent question! I’m going to post on Chocko’s specific issues soon, however for him, in general, he’s not trained to where we want him yet. It’s even harder to train (and for me, walk) two dogs who are not trained. If you lady is dominant, then you hopefully would talk with a rescue about that, and most likely they would suggest a younger male who is ok with being pushed around. However, I’d recommend working with her on not allowing dominance in the house (as much as her temperament will allow)… i.e. not allowing her to mount, stopping play when you say so, not allowing her to take other dog’s toys, etc. Hope that helps a bit!

      • Thanks! We’ve put a lot of time and energy into training her, so luckily she’s squared away as far as obedience goes. We’re talking to a foster coordinator for a rescue tomorrow, and hopefully they can help us find the right foster!

    • Aw thanks- that makes me feel better. I just know it’s not best for my Chockster just yet (and that equals not best for me!) I can’t set him up to fail, and he’s reactive on leash and making so much progress, but a new dog could really throw a wrench in it right now. I’ll post more on his issue soon, but thank you for saying that!

  3. One more reason to not feel guilty about not fostering at the moment:
    We might not have such an excellent house guest right now! Micah is crashing at our place until his new family discovers him. Literally crashing… he’s draped across my lap as I type. He’s a fantastic guy and will be the feature of our first posts in our first blog (the Crowded Couch). Thanks for documenting his handsomeness!

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