It’s beginning to look a lot like winter

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter and this boy isn’t a lover of the cold.  He gets excited and wiggly for his morning walk, as usual.  He sits down for me to put his leash on, my coat, and grab a poop bag, but then… I open to door and he does a double take.  “Do I really want to head out in the cold?” his face says.  snood

With some urging, he happily comes along, but it’s clear as day that he’d rather the sun and warmth.

Thankfully, he and Knox were the same size, so we were able to use Knox’s favorite winter coat for Chocko!  Chocko seems to enjoy wearing it just as much.


What works for us, is that it zips along the side torso, so we don’t have to worry about big blocky heads getting in the way of a snug fit.  And speaking of snug fit, I think that’s exactly why they both loved it so much.  Knox used to get irritated by baggy clothing, but if something was night and tight on him, he didn’t mind it at all.  We think Chocko feels the same way!  So the Ruffwear Cloud Chaser is our favorite of all the coats we’ve tried so far.  It’s like a softshell tech coat, for dogs!  And it gives a bit, which is nice so you can stretch it to zip it but it goes right back to a snug fit, which we think works best from our personal experiences.


Do your pooches wear coats?  I know we loooove seeing pics of Miss M and Mr. B over in Chicago all dressed up in warm gear.  After all, they are the cold weather experts!

We also decided to invest in a snood (and of course, a new seasonal collar) from our favorite doggie outfitter, Sirius Republic!  Chocko is still getting used to wearing it, but once the temps really drop, I’m sure he’ll appreciate our investment into his wardrobe… even if he doesn’t just yet 😉



Hope everyone is staying warm and toasty!  So share with us, what’s your most essential winter wear for your pooches?


15 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like winter

  1. On Mr. B and Miss M’s recommendation, we got Maggie a hoodie from Zach and Zoey. She is pretty awesome about wearing stuff and doesn’t really seem to mind. Her head is a little big though so the hoodie part doesn’t quite fit!! But it does keep her warm since without it, she shakes like a leaf.

  2. Ray only tolerates wearing things that are snug as well and if it has velcro? Well, that’s just a toy, isn’t it. The few times I put a knit sweater on him he picked at it until it unraveled, so I’ve limited his wardrobe. So far this year he seems quite inclined to play out in the cold without shivering, so until then I’ll just let him go naked for a while longer.

  3. He looks very regal in his snood! So handsome. Our boy doesn’t wear coats he basically has two fur coats on him already between his lab coat and the husky fur underneath he is quite toasty in fact when it snows he goes outside to sleep on a hill of it!

  4. Chocko just wears everything well, and he looks so great in the snood (Mr B loves his too!). It seems like Ruffwear has been ‘vanity sizing’ lately, and some of the standard coats they used to wear are too big. I’ve always been curious about the Cloudchaser–is it every hard to get the arms in and out of the sleeves? It does look like a good fit. I’m excited to see what else he’ll wear for the cooler weather. And thanks for the shoutout!

    • You know, I’ve found it easy to stick his arms in, since the arms just slip in first, then it wraps around his belly and zips on the other side of his body. super easy! This coat is 3 years old, and has lasted wonderfully! Interesting that the sizing has changed. Anyway, always looking to expand our collection! 😉

  5. We currently don’t have coats for our dogs, but soon I’ll be buying one for Argus. He is the only one who gets cold. He times it well to let us know he’s cold and needs to go back inside. If we are not looking, he does not shake, but as soon as we are looking at him, she shrivers; its so funny and cute! Now that he is 12, he definitely needs something to keep him warm, even though its not that cold here in Raleigh.

  6. I just love Chocko! He is too too handsome! I’ve been looking at that Ruffwear coat, and it looks fantastic. Right now we probably shouldn’t be investing in any clothing for Zoe since we need to save for her surgery, but it’s good to keep in mind for the future! And you know I love to put lots of different types of outfits on Z. 🙂 She gets very cold so I can justify it! Oh, and we also love our Sirius Republic snood. Zoe gets a lot of attention when wearing it outside… and I imagine Chocko does too! 🙂

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