A Weekend with Gremlin

Well wow, did that go well!gremlin ruby 014

Chocko’s actually extremely similar to Knox with other dogs in the house.  He sees them as friends and wants to cuddle, play, lick and romp around with them.  There has never (knock on wood) been an issue with other dogs in the house (or Kittens for that matter).  As a precaution, we keep toys and kongs and feedings separate, but since it’s near impossible to keep a 2nd dog in this house totally separated for more than a few hours, I’m thankful he’s so welcome to sharing his home.  The one thing he doesn’t like to share is his mama- he’s quite the attention snob- so we easily fix that by not showing any attention to either dog while they are together, and that seems to work like magic.  Chocko’s most pride possession is me (flattered, really), though I wish it wasn’t so.  If I were to guess what he would resource guard, if push came to shove, it would certainly be me.  So we just eliminate that (me giving physical attention to the dogs) completely.

Gremlin, aka Rudy

Gremlin, aka Rudy

So, the weekend in review: here’s a batch of un-edited, blurry, and fun snapshots of these two.  I love interpreting the body language in some of these still frames; I could watch dogs interact all day if I had time.  And I did for a while this weekend.  I’m just amazed about how much they ‘say’ without words.  What do you interpret these pictures to communicate?

gremlin ruby 004 gremlin ruby 008

gremlin ruby 012 gremlin ruby 042 gremlin ruby 044 gremlin ruby 117 gremlin ruby 119 gremlin ruby 120 gremlin ruby 121 gremlin ruby 124

They hit it off pretty well.  Rudy came in a bit shy and intimidating by Chocko’s overzealous excitement.  She certainly seemed more comfortable in the chair, above Chocko, though she learned to trust him pretty quickly.  He was often seen on his back swatting at her face, giving her his best, “How could you resist this hot bod, sweet little lady”.  Like I said, entertaining to say the least!  I’d chalk up the weekend to a big ‘ol SUCCESS.  And it made me love the Chockster just a teensy bit more.  🙂

If your looking for a pint size pocket gremlin pittie, fill out an application for this lil Rudy girl!

16 thoughts on “A Weekend with Gremlin

  1. Gremlin looks so good. Is it me or do so many Pit Bulls have cat characteristics… the lap dog, the looking out the window

  2. Looking at those adorable faces, it would be so hard not to smooosh them with attention all the time. I love seeing the huge differences in their sizes but they obviously already love each other.

  3. Hooray! Can’t wait to read more Chocko adventures. Rufus is similar in his behavior to me – he’s totally cool with another dog in the house, but he will get growly if they are showing me too much attention.

  4. They are so cute together! I’m glad it worked out so well.

    Question, Sampson will get snarky and snap at another dog when he is getting attention and the other dog approaches. It could be you petting him and your dog approaches you and he will snap at the other dog, do you have any suggestions on how to handle this?

    • He is resource guarding most likely,…the resource being the attention (in the same way a dog will not want to share his kong, he doesn’t want to share the attention, not that he is being protective). The best way to handle it is to not doing it until he’s trained not to resource guard, if that’s possible. With me, Chocko is not being protective, but protecting the resource (the attention). He won’t go as far as to snap at the other dog, but he’ll jump over the dog and hurl himself into my hands/mouth the dog, and get really excited…so we just don’t give attention and all is well. What we would practice, if we had a dog around more often, is putting him in a sit-stay, and petting (very calmly) the other dog, then going right over to him, and praising him. and FYI I am not a trainer! this is just what works/and what I think would work for us. Hope that helps some!

  5. It looks like they had a terrible time together, suffering non-stop all weekend! Poor things!

    Melvin and Jake resource guard my attention, it takes work but they are slowly realizing that they can enjoy attention separately or even together and it’s all good. We started by not allowing either of them to sit in front of me, I’d get up and move every time one tried to ‘claim the spot’ without me giving it to them.

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