Preppin’ the Pup!

Among other things, we’ve been busy prepping this big guy for our little Bambino on the way.  We’re sorry we haven’t been around much! … ok ok … like at all… chock 116 edit

Mostly, we’ve been working on Chocko’s basic obedience, leash walking, and bestest house manners…but we’ve also been doing a crap ton of reading.  We read articles, books and tons of info on the interwebs, especially how our keyboard pals Chick & Dude prepped for their own little human puppy.

babyprep 015

babyprep 017

We’ve even been listening to babies,babyprep 016

and sniffing babies,

Yes, that's a used wet diaper thanks to good neighbors

Yes, that’s a used wet diaper thanks to good neighbors

and looking at things that LOOK like babies

fake babies are pretty interesting to this guy

fake babies are pretty interesting to this guy

But the best practice of all, has been meeting babies.

Mama A and Baby E

Mama A and Baby E


Now Chocko wasn’t this calm the whole time… this was the only few minutes I felt I could take a step back and whip out my iphone for a few quick pics to share with you guys.  Mostly he’s just really excited/overstimulated/curious about toddlers…Luckily, our Bambino won’t come out crawling around so hopefully that’s a plus!  He gets sorta anxious/starts panting and whining because he wants to be all up in baby’s face and we won’t allow that. The more exposure now, the better, but I’m still hopefully when it’s OUR baby he’ll be a little different… time will tell!  Huge thank you to mamabear A and her mini human, E for helping the Chockster with more exposure 🙂 thanks friends!

For those of you out there that have brought a human baby home to your adult dog- how were you feeling before?  And how did that rank to what actually happened?  I’ll be honest and say it’s one of the biggest stressors for me- making sure this is as easy of a transition for the furkid as possible, and making sure I’m setting him up for success.  I’m hopefully I’m going overboard for no reason at all, but I guess that’s still a good thing! I’d love some feedback from you all!

12 thoughts on “Preppin’ the Pup!

  1. I had a son 10 months ago (first one) and my husband and I have four pups (Two big, Two little) I also did lots of reading and practice with our routines/rules before he was born. I was concerned about how we would all integrate this huge change in our reality, but it’s gone pretty well. The only pup that’s displayed any negative behavior (growling) is our chihuahua, which I was prepared for since he had shown fear of children in the past. We’re still working on him, but all the others have completely accepted baby as a new member of our ‘pack’ (Although we of course monitor every interaction and crate them more overall than we did pre-baby) We took the pups on MANY walks with the stroller both before baby arrived and even more since. I’m a big believer in walks being central to reinforcing family ties, plus baby enjoys getting out and seeing our neighborhood.

    One piece of overall new patient advice I’d like to share with you is try NOT to let yourself worry too much. Parenting is such a leap of faith, stressing about the infinite unexpected unknowns that MIGHT go wrong will only leave you projecting anxiety that your little person will sense. The pup too. It sounds like you’ve done everything possible to set them both up for success. Have faith in your own preparations and instincts 🙂

  2. Maybe you might reach out to Two Pitties and a Little Lady blog. She has 2 pitties and was pregnant and had her baby. My four pitties get along perfect with my grandchildren, 11 & 13 but I still never ever leave them alone (just to be safe).

  3. We rescued our female pit (MABB alum) when our son was 12 weeks old so she came into a house with a baby already there, which I know can be different but she has never been anything but amazing with him. We now are more concerned for her well being (our son is almost 2)…He loves her dearly so we’ve working hard on ” appropriate affection” because he wants to rough-house and run around with her which can get her a little too geared up. Hoping to add another fur baby…

  4. 1. I’m very happy for you that your baby won’t come out as a toddler/crawling! 2. Don’t stress too much, it sounds like you have prepared for what you can and now it’s time to accept the things you can’t fully control… it’s going to be new for everyone and the new normal will set in and everyone will make adjustments without really noticing that your making adjustments. The first few weeks will be disruptive (as it should be, a new human is in the house now!) but before you know it, you’re new groove will set in. Whatever you do, accept help! Let your friends and family help with BOTH kids!

  5. We worked with Ray so much in preparation of the baby and even still have a pretty impressive set of moving gates for various rooms and hallways. Ray loves to kiss the baby but can generally ignore her a lot now too. Other kids, though are still very interesting to him. He wants to kiss and chase but he’s just so big.

    • I think that’s going to be very similar to chocko! already put two gates up and people ask, “Why? kiddo wont be crawling for a while” then I explained they are more for dog then baby. And yes, I think he’ll become indifferent to our Bambino over time, but always a licker this one (but think he’ll always be a little too interested in other kids)…we’ll see~! Thanks for your input!

  6. I only have furbabies, but agree with the idea that Chocko should/will know the difference between baby and toddler (boring vs play buddy material). Bonnie is very loving when we have one of the bunnies in our laps in the recliners – we think she thinks that they are mommy’s puppies! One thing we watch besides too much grooming, a lick or two and she’s done and has to settle down in cuddle mode, is protection of the bunny from the other dog’s interest, however they pretty much don’t think they are interesting.

    Not everyone is a Cesar fan, but there are many things that he teaches that just seem like common sense to me. We all talk about setting our dogs up for success. One thing that occurred to me is that nursing time would be a “calm ritual” to share with Chocko, perhaps with soothing background sounds or music. Husband could share with him on the floor at first if needed, but move up during the process. People may argue about this notion, too, but again makes sense to me that walking the stroller ahead of Chocko would make baby higher in the pack.

    Try not to worry too much, you’ve been great doggy parents by being prepared and educated as well as paying attention in the moment to set your dogs up for success, I am sure when the “new puppy” comes, it won’t be any different. Hugs!!!

  7. We have 2 pitties, a 17month old son & another baby boy on the way! We did all the reading & research & were a bit nervous at first but our main goal was to try to make the change smooth for them as well. They already sensed I was pregnant or that something was different w Mommy, in fact our younger pit (now 3) laid by the tub as I showered once I went into labor. She never left my side until I left for the hospital. We let them sniff all the baby things when we received them from the baby shower & once we set up the nursery-we let them just investigate & smell. My husband brought the receiving blankets home that the baby was wrapped in every night & anything else the baby wore (onesies) They slept with his stuff every night. This way they had his scent. When I came home, I entered the house first, alone, so they can greet me & love me up as they always do (because they are wondering where you have been for the last few days!) Once they calmed, my husband brought our son in (or you could) & we sat on the couch & let them discover what is now their awesome baby brother! I also made sure I made time for each one-its tough in the beginning bc you are exhausted but you will adjust & make them feel like they are part of the change as much as possible. We walked them with the baby-we just made them feel involved as much as we could. Today, they are all best friends. Our son climbs all over them & they don’t mind at all. They play ball in the yard, he feeds them treats & now is learning to feed them their actual food. The transition in our dogs has been wonderful to watch & having pit bulls as a family pet is the best thing ever!
    Chocko will do amazing, I have no doubt as you guys will! Good luck & congratulations-you are about to start the best journey in your life;-)

    • Tanya,
      Thank you SO much- everything you mentioned is on our radar, so it’s just further reinforcement that hopefully we can’t screw this up too bad! 😉

      Congrats on expecting #2! Chocko has never left my side (velcro dog) so it’s been tough to figure out if he ‘knows’, but I’m sure he does…he’s slept outside the shower stall since the day we brought him home…then again we only had him 3 months before I was pregnant, so it’s mostly what he knows. Anyway, thanks again SO much for your wonderful input, well wishes and encouragement! It is most appreciated!

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