Bye Bye Bodester

I know I know, if your friends with us on facebook (as you should be, go like us if your not!), we sort of set you all up for failure.  Sorry.

We are not adopting the above named wrinkly cutie pie.  It was never the plan, but I know a lot of people out there were hoping he’d be our forever dog.  The truth is, we’re just not ready, or maybe he’s not the perfect match.  We know the word “perfect” is unfair, but comparing a dog to Knox 24/7 is also not fair, and since we’re still guilty of that…clearly it’s just not time…yet.

But that’s ok!  Because Bodie has met his mate!  An odd coincidence too.  An application came in for him…a  young girl who works for the military (don’t worry, there is a solid plan in place if she gets deployed, but that’s very unlikely as she’s already done that, twice).  She owns a nice big place in the city, not too far from us.  Here’s the crazy party that had me tearing on the phone when we spend a while just getting to know each other:  She just lost her pittieboy named Bookie.  He was only 2.  To some random freak illness.  They have no idea what it was.  Clearly, if you’ve been following us for a while, you know this strikes a chord for us, as we just went through something way too similar.  A very odd coincidence to say the least.

Anyway, my apologies that the pictures are just terrible.  Lucky for us, they live close enough that we’ll go pop in and hopefully visit on a nice day when we can get outside for some better pictures of this perfect match.

So Bodie’s off!  And we already have someone waiting in the wings for us!

Hooray to another successful adoption!  You all thought we didn’t have it in us huh!?!

Saturday Stoopin’

What can we say, we’ve totally embraced “stooping” in Baltimore.  We’re transplants (neither of us were born or raised in Baltimore), but we welcomed the stooping tradition with open arms.  Urban dictionary, for those of you who are unaware of the term, defines “Stooping” as: “The act of hanging out in a group of three or more people on a stoop”.  We thank goodness we (party of 2) plus dog (currently Bodie) = group of 3!

It’s a great thing to do on a Saturday morning after a run (often cooling off with a big iced coffee), or a Friday afternoon with a cold beer catching up with the neighbors.

Bodie Boy helping me stretch after a local 10K this weekend

It is also a great way to pimp out the foster de jour.  Case in Point:

We love sticking the ‘Adopt Me’ vest on our fosters, and going, well, no where.  It’s one of the many things we loved about being smack dab in the middle of our little Charm City.

Despite my lack of pictures, he does get a lot of love just hangin’ outside.  I’m just not that talented to talk to people about Bodie/pitbulls/fostering/best coffee shops, etc, and take pictures and hold a leash (and usually a beverage too!).  Call me a poor multi-tasker but I’m just not that good.

Despite a really rainy Sunday, we fully enjoyed our Saturday outside this weekend… if you’re a fan of our facebook page, you also saw Bodie lounging on our outside table!  I (accidentally) forgot to put our his lounge chair outside for him, and when we peeked outside the window, there he was, out top of the table.  He cracks me up.

And he’s almost there!

The long road to recovery… but he’s almost there!  On Friday we dropped the Bodester off at the vet to get his pins out of his bone (ouch) and to get neutered (yippee!), but he came back to us all bandaged up again.  Bummer.

And a bit out of it, understandably.

The good news is this is a soft cast and he’ll only have it for a few days.  Just to stabilize his bone a bit before letting loose (and we’re thankful for that, since Bodie’s definitely got his groove back and is attempting to zoomie like crazy).

The sad part is he missed his first Pits on Parade…but honestly, we’re hoping the next time he gets the opportunity to join one,  it will be with his new furever family!

Until then, he’ll be with us, working on his modeling career.  I can’t tell you how relieved he was that his softcast matched his Sirius Republic collar.  PHEW.  Thank goodness we avoided that pittie-tantrum.

At least I match!

First bottle pup gets adopted!

Look who we have here!  Big girl, Patience, all ready for her furever home!

What is she doing in the sink, you ask?  Well, her amazing fostermama dropped her off to me before work on Tuesday, so I could give her a quick bath before a vet appointment and then off  she went to her furever home!  This little porker is the biggest of the litter– 10lbs at 9 weeks old.  I’m guessing she’s on her way to being a lil Big Mama.

She was shivering when she showed up, probably from the stress of leaving her brudders and her foster mama.  I wondered if a bath would stress her too much, but she seemed to enjoy the warm water despite her plotting to escape.

Should I jump for it?

She enlisted Bodie’s help, he certainly looked big enough to conspire to get this lil girl out of the bath.

Ok, can you break me outta this here sink?

No luck.

I also had no luck trying to get a cute picture of her all wrapped up in a towel when she was drying off in my arms.  I had the wrong lens on my camera, and most of my attempts were pictures of the sink or wall, or completely out of focus, kinda like this one.

But you get the picture, right?  Bundle of chubby cuteness 🙂

Anyway, we can’t thank her foster mama enough for taking such amazing care of the bottle pups.  It’s something I don’t think I could ever do, and I’m just amazed.  If she didn’t step up, there is no question: these day-old babies would have been euthanized.

I love happy endings   🙂

SUNday FUNday

We hope everyone had an excellent weekend!  We had big plans to go here there and everywhere…. but after doing a lot of other things early in the day, we decided we’d just spend the afternoon lounging.  Literally.

The easter bunny brought Bodie a nice big rawhide so he decided to enjoy it in style.

We joked that we created a monster… Once we unfolded the lounge chair, he assumed it was his own personal outdoor dog bed.  We decided to humor him and let him have his Sunday Funday; we all deserve one every once in a while, don’t we?

We hope you all had a great weekend!  Did you do anything special with your pups???




The Chair

Bodie has officially claimed the chair.  It was inevitable.  A matter of time, we knew.  But the time has come.  The chair is his.

He’s had his eye on it from day one.

It started with the ottoman.

Then he inched, begged, and earned is rights to the chair.  The sweet, sweet reward.

It was a bit awkward at first…

But he quickly learned how to romance the chair, and has been snuggling up with it since.

He even has mastered the cushion manouver!

I’m Sexy and I know it…

We all know the song (dont we?)….It’s terrible, but terribly catchy.  One of those ones that gets in your head and just doesn’t leave…

Well, Bodie has embraced the tune since the arrival of this today, thanks to Sirius Republic!!!

He was even caught shaking his tail to his new tune this evening.

He was singing too…

When I Walk to the park, this is what I see,

All the other pups just staring at me

I got fashion on my collar and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it

I’m sexy and I know it.

“No Shoes, No Shirt, and I still get service”.  It’s the collar.

A Visit to Fort McHenry National Monument

You know how things are just outside your door, yet you need a reason to visit?  Our virtual friends, Ms. M and Mr. B (over at Two Pitties in the City) did a really cool series last spring about being a tourist in your own city.  Well it just so happens that my mom was visiting from NY this weekend.  All the more reason to go out and be a ‘tourist’, right?

In a quick break in the rain, we went down to  visit Fort McHenry.  I often run there, but rarely take it all in for what it is; a National Historical Monument.

The site is at the tip of a peninsula, where the Baltimore Harbor starts.  Here’s a map, sort of…don’t let the cute pitbull distract you from your geography lesson.

Anyway, this landmark, right in the city, is a beautiful place to visit!  It’s a dog friendly mile loop of paved pathway surrounding the Fort to the inside, and beautiful view of the water.  It’s only about a square mile, but its a wonderful escape for me when I feel a little suffocated in the city.  There’s something about green grass and the water that just feels good, no?

Physical therapy for Bodie!

Bodie was very interested in the cannons…after all this is (was) a fort!

If you’re ever in Baltimore for a visit (with or without your pooch), Bodie recommends you make a stop at Fort McHenry.  He can’t wait for a picnic when the ground isn’t wet.

He also wants to remind you not to forget your poopbags!


Scrub-a-dub-dub, Bodie’s in the tub!

First we bagged up his leg since we still can’t get his stitches wet.  Our method worked really well since his leg gets skinny at the top, above his stitches.  A little rubber band around there, and he’s got himself a shower cap, for his leg.

Then it was into the tub for the Bodester.

 Of course there was an attempt to escape…

Some yummy smelling bubbles and he’s as good as new!  Minus the gimpy leg of course, but we’re working on that.

After some admiring of himself in the mirror, we both believe he’s all ready for our special guest this weekend!