Chocko is officially a superbassador for Stubby Dog

We could barely contain our excitement, and the difficulty not to announce this to you all until today!  Boy was that tough.  So now we are officially introducing, Chocko the Super-bassador, part of the Stubby Dog Superhero Team!

It was about a month ago when we found out and it was published on  Here we are, for your confirmation:  Official StubbyDog Superhero Squad!  So what exactly is the Stubby Dog Superhero Team?  It’s a team of amazing dogs from across the country, with a few common goals.  Below is taken from

“Superhero, Superhero in Training or Super-bassador: each role plays an extremely important part in the StubbyDog super community.

Together this “super” community is on a mission, specifically to:
Place 5,000 dogs in need of good homes
Reach 25,000 different media outlets
Educate 100,000 on responsible dog guardianship
Inspire 1,000,000 “rediscoveries”
… and motivate an infinite number of smiles!

Our goal is simple: for people to no longer view pit bulls as a special category of dog – but, instead, as individual dogs. ”

I love the goal!  It’s so simple, right?  I mean a dog is a dog is a dog, but with the program, not only are all these pitbulls dogs, they are superheros!

There are 3 categories.  Superheros – extraordinary therapy dogs spreading good cheer and love with big pittie smiles

Superheros in training – Like the elite squad, but just awaiting their certification or a bit more training,

and Superbassadors – super passionate and super motivated advocates dedicated to spreading good pitbull cheer!

Now this boy of ours, who we adopted only 12 weeks ago, should be very proud of himself!  He is certainly my partner in crusading around to advocate and help change the minds of people every day.  I also have some very ambitious goals for him in the next year… I won’t share those with you yet, but it seems that being honored with the Superbassador-title is a great place to start!  I am very proud of him to say the least.

We’ve got some excellent events coming up that we are excited to attend and help spread the good word of the Stubby Dog Superhero mission!  If you’re in the area and want to come out and help support our efforts and meet Mr. Chocko, here’s his October line up of events:

BARCStoberfest 2011

All of the above events are dog friendly, so if your well-mannered pup is up for some fall fun (and it IS National Pitbull Awareness Month!) bring ’em on out!  And don’t worry, we’ll have the full report on all of those events, and of course there are some others in the works as well!

Happy Pitbull Awareness Month!

Love, Chocko and his support team. 🙂

Pimpin’ out the Pitties!

So remember on Monday’s post I told you it was a pittie-filled weekend? I wasn’t kidding! On Saturday, Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies hosted an adoption event.  It was so much fun!  Another beautiful day, with beautiful dogs, tasty treats and thirst-quenching beer.  I mean could you even imagine a better Saturday?!

Foster parents were encouraged to bring their foster dogs.  The doggies got to mix and mingle with potential adopters as well as their competitors all the other adoptable dogs through MABB.

Our buddy, Harvey has come such a long way!

These MABB pups were not shy about dishin’ out the kisses, that’s for sure!

Adoption events are so crucial because potential adopters get to meet several dogs at once, and maybe open their eyes to a dog they previously thought they weren’t interested in.  Take our VIP, Gracie.  She’s a hefty adult female, that some people tend to look over, however on Saturday she was epitome of the perfect pet.  She was calm and relaxed while many of the other dogs were over exited about all the commotion.

Gracie, catchin’ some rays

A handful of dogs did get adopted as a result, which is very exciting!  But plenty more still need homes.  A note to all you potential adopters out there:  As convenient as it is to meet a bunch of dogs at once, remember they are probably very excited and over stimulated at these events.  Ask the handler if you can accompany them a few hundred feet away from the commotion and check out that dog in a more relaxed environment.  You’d be surprised at the difference.  Dogs, especially ones coming from shelters and kennels, get stimulation overload and may be looked over due to the fact that they appear very excited.  This boy, Bruno, came right from the kennel.  When he first got there, he was very excited and overwhelmed.

Handsome Bruno

After a good bit of time and some exercise in the run, he settled quite well.  But remember, keep your mind open and ask lots of questions about how the dogs do at home too! 🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Ok I know it’s early for St. Patrick’s Day, but I had to share this part of our weekend with you all!  It was a pittie-filled weekend (Part II later in the week).On Sunday, the Barcs Pit Crew got to walk in the Baltimore St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

It was such a wonderful time on a beautiful spring day.  Aside from being positive press for the city’s animal shelter, it’s a great opportunity to show off these wonderful dogs as well as get them out of the shelter and into the (very stimulating) world for a few hours.  It helps them with exposure to real-life situations and some not-so-typical situations such as today.  It tells us a lot about them too…

Bring on the horses, bagpipes, feather costumes and thrones of children?!  All part of a parade!  And they all did FAB.U.LOUS.

These guys were amazing!  I was so impressed with how well they did.  So here’s a few of the many pictures that were snapped today.  I hope the luck of the Irish are with these guys and they find their forever home soon.  Enjoy the photos!

Some of the Pit Crew