A Weekend with Gremlin

Well wow, did that go well!gremlin ruby 014

Chocko’s actually extremely similar to Knox with other dogs in the house.  He sees them as friends and wants to cuddle, play, lick and romp around with them.  There has never (knock on wood) been an issue with other dogs in the house (or Kittens for that matter).  As a precaution, we keep toys and kongs and feedings separate, but since it’s near impossible to keep a 2nd dog in this house totally separated for more than a few hours, I’m thankful he’s so welcome to sharing his home.  The one thing he doesn’t like to share is his mama- he’s quite the attention snob- so we easily fix that by not showing any attention to either dog while they are together, and that seems to work like magic.  Chocko’s most pride possession is me (flattered, really), though I wish it wasn’t so.  If I were to guess what he would resource guard, if push came to shove, it would certainly be me.  So we just eliminate that (me giving physical attention to the dogs) completely.

Gremlin, aka Rudy

Gremlin, aka Rudy

So, the weekend in review: here’s a batch of un-edited, blurry, and fun snapshots of these two.  I love interpreting the body language in some of these still frames; I could watch dogs interact all day if I had time.  And I did for a while this weekend.  I’m just amazed about how much they ‘say’ without words.  What do you interpret these pictures to communicate?

gremlin ruby 004 gremlin ruby 008

gremlin ruby 012 gremlin ruby 042 gremlin ruby 044 gremlin ruby 117 gremlin ruby 119 gremlin ruby 120 gremlin ruby 121 gremlin ruby 124

They hit it off pretty well.  Rudy came in a bit shy and intimidating by Chocko’s overzealous excitement.  She certainly seemed more comfortable in the chair, above Chocko, though she learned to trust him pretty quickly.  He was often seen on his back swatting at her face, giving her his best, “How could you resist this hot bod, sweet little lady”.  Like I said, entertaining to say the least!  I’d chalk up the weekend to a big ‘ol SUCCESS.  And it made me love the Chockster just a teensy bit more.  🙂

If your looking for a pint size pocket gremlin pittie, fill out an application for this lil Rudy girl!

Words we haven’t said in a while…

Ready?  Chocko has a Valentine.  🙂

We have an ADOPTABLE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!   Oh my lordy!  Yes, it’s true!  Meet Rudy.

gremlin 012

This pocket sized pittie is here only for a short time.  She’s a scrumptious little thing, and sweet as anything.  It’s a nice little trial to see how Chocko does with fostering while Ruby’s full time foster mama is out of town.  Can’t wait to give you the full report on how things go next week!  (fingers crossed it is an excellent report!)



Hooray for the first step in getting out feet wet in the foster game again!


I promised only one kittie post this week.   They are doing great at 7 weeks old!  For those of you who read the last kitten post, it’s actually this guy who’s my favorite!  

He’s just such a ham!  He loves to cuddle and play.  All of the kittens arrived to us at 3.5 weeks hissing!  It was adorable really, like who could be scared of a ball of fur weighing a few ounces?!  Needless to say, they have come a long way and actually enjoy human attention now.  The beauty of fostering.  These guys needed socialization and that’s what they got!  But Hammie here, flourished.  He was meant to be a King living in the lap of luxury.  🙂

Mama continues to do an amazing job wrangling her curious kitties.  They are still nursing, though are less and less interested every day and eating more and more food.  They are doing great with the adjustment!  

Her favorite spot is smack in the middle of the hallway upstairs, on the rug.  She’s such a sweet mama.

Here are two of the boys cuddling– they have the ‘just nursed’ buzz going.

And how beautiful is he?  We can tell the boy and girl apart by their eyes.  His are the lightest blue!  Hers are a bit deeper.  And when all else fails, we hold ’em upside down and check that way 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!  And thanks for putting up with the kitten invasion.  Don’t worry, there will be a beautiful canine face arriving on Sunday 😉


What?  This is a DOG blog…

I know I know… but see, we’ve been dog-less (for the most part…more on that later) since our Girlfriend left us.  And though we said we’d take a few weeks off… I brought a few things home from BARCS the other day…

Introducing:  Blackie

Dora and Diego (aka Frick and Frack)

And King Tut (aka THE Ham)

Of and of course their wonderful mama… Mama.  Well I think her really name is Becky, but we call her Mama.

She’s such a good Mama.

You know, personal fact about me (I don’t give those out too much).  I love dogs, and I always have.  But growing up, we had cats!  Yes…one at a time.  But I had a wonderful cat name Patrick (of ‘junk yard’ lineage my dad would joke… well, not entirely a joke since he did find him in a junk yard in the Bronx).  This cat was HUGE.  I put my mom on a mission of finding a picture of me from growing up, but no luck yet.  I’m laying on our front porch with Patrick (all black) sprawled out beside me… he’s almost my full length in that picture, from what I can remember.  And I was about 5 or 6 years old.  He was insanely large, long, and fierce.  Every dog in the neighborhood was afraid of him.

He was hit by a car unfortunately when I was about 7, and our neighbors found a litter of kittens not too long after, on a country road in upstate new york.  I think all but 1 had died.  The last little kitten was my Mojo.  He was such a special cat!  He lived about 18 years.  His markings just so happen to be pretty similar to you-know-who.

What can I say, I like my boys dressed up in only the finest… Tuxedos never go out of style.  In my head I like to say those two are cuddling together ‘on the other side’ but who am I kidding, Knox would have probably chased Mojo up a tree, and Mojo would have whacked him good for it.  But, they both LOVED the lake.

Anyway, though I’m a dog person 100% of the way, I figured we give cats a whirl.  Easy peasy right?  Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but yes, much easier than a dog!  They will be available for adoption when they hit 8 weeks, but if you know anyone who’s interested, send them my way!  They are about 5-6 weeks now.  I can’t believe how much their personalities differ….I do have a favorite, but they are all loves and all hilarious.  Any idea who my favorite is?

What are we up to?

Well, as you know, Holly’s been adopted.  And though I won’t go into detail, the home situation is a bit chaotic right now (there is a long-term visitor of the humankind living with us for a bit, and our 3rd floor is under construction).  Our tiny little row house was just halved in size.  So, we are taking a short break from fostering dogs while I oversee help Brian out on the 3rd floor… we also are away a few weekends in the near future.  A good time for a break.  Right?

But, as you may have spotted on our facebook page… there is a species of another kind that has been inhabiting our bathroom….After all, when your city’s shelter is busting at the seams, and you have a spare, say 8 square feet… why WOULDN’T you fill it with 5 small creatures?!

Fosterdad may not see eye to eye on that last point… but, cuties happen, right?

Stay tuned to meet our five new house guests!

Puppy Fix Wednesday

It’s that time again!  I wish I could give you all a scratch ‘n sniff screen sticker to smell this sweet puppy breath!

Check out these four cutie patooties!

Hard to believe they all came from the same litter, huh?!  Mama was a typical pit mix… no idea what daddy was.  The hunky boy looks all pit-bulldog ish, and the tri-color girl looks like she could be part beagle!  Then of course, there is the runt, who’s at least half the size of the rest of ’em.  Talk about a diverse litter!  If your interested in adopting these puppies, fill out an application through MABB!

And one more for the road— the runt.  My favorite.

Have a happy Wednesday!


I’ve said it time and again, we’re just not home enough for puppies.  And even if we were, I’m not sure I’m up to the challenge.  I never had a puppy, and I don’t think that will ever change.  I love the idea of adopting adult dogs— you know what you’re getting.  BUT, what would I give to see Knox as a puppy!  His big head!  Oh wow, I’d give anything.

Anyway, that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, everyone needs their puppy fix now and again.  So despite the fact that I can’t foster puppies, nothing stops me from transporting them!

This week, I was blessed with not one, but two adorable little angels.  These boys were so well-behaved in the short time I had them.  They were dropped off at 6:40am, and with us just a few short hours before I dropped them off to their next destination!  I got puppy snuggles, puppy kisses, and of course, a little puppy piddle.

Basil boy

Check out these boys, Wally and Basil.  Basil is up for adoption through Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies!  (I believe Wally is spoken for!)  And the ears.  Oh those ears!


finger nibblin’

I have the cutest ears in the world. It’s true!

What?! You don’t enjoy licking kennel doors as your past time?!

If your interested in adopting Basil— fill out an application through MABB!

The Wall of Fame

We added this wall to our dining room several months ago.  I don’t know what’s taken so long for me to share it with you (aside from the fact that the natural light in our dining room is terrible, and I was never really thrilled with the pictures of the pictures).

The wall was started sometime in December, long before we knew Knox was sick.  It started because we had a blank wall, and no art.  I had been going camera crazy and thought, wouldn’t it be nice to display some of the faces that have come into our lives, and left marks of various kinds on our hearts?

So up they went, one by one.  It’s not every dog that has come through our door, by any means.  We chose them each for different reasons.

Here’s the run down: clockwise starting at the top left.

Jenny, our first official foster.  Wow…puppies…potty training…and adorable snugglies.

Trey the Husky.  The first dog brought into our home after we adopted Knox.  It was a transport gone awry— an afternoon turned into 4 days over thanksgiving weekend…. oops?  He was malnourished, had worms, a resource guarder (wouldn’t you be if you were practically starved?), had gun residue on him (quite a store with this guy) and a HOWLER.  Well talk about biting off more than you can chew.  He’ll always have a special place in our heart (and is doing great in Long Island, NY by the way!)

UPS/Rayven– Rayven was a temporary foster, when BARCS had to clear out the shelter due to Hurricane Irene.  We thought we couldn’t bear to bring this sweet girl back to the shelter, but we wound up having a difficult time with her.  It wasn’t anything big…but just not the right ‘fit’.  She greatly taught us to be aware of our limitations.  If we’re in this for the long haul, we need to recognize what works for us, and what doesn’t.

Eve— our Evey girl!  This girl was our longest foster, and she graced us with her presence over the summer so we had tons of fun!  She was a breeze, a love, and left us with a bit of a broken heart.

Then comes Buddha and Lola, who were equally loveable and heartbreakers too.  Both we seriously considered (for a mila-second) keeping as a second dog.

Then there is Woody… He was a loveable boy from BARCS who I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with at the Fells Point Festival this past fall.  He didn’t make it.  He’s up there as a reminder that we can’t save them all.  Our shelters are over crowded and dogs are put down due to space regularly.  We can try, and hopefully over the years, there will be less and less to save.  He’s up there to remind us of all the loves that just don’t make it out of the shelters across the country.

Woody gettin' love on one of his last outtings

Next is Ivy.  She was with us very briefly, but we fell hard for her.  She developed a few issues just after getting adopted, but she got through them with flying colors (thanks to her awesome parents!)  She reminds us that what you see in one home, isn’t what you get in all homes.  She also showed us that committed owners make all the difference.

And last but certainly not least, Chloe and Tyson.  We get to see these two all the time!  Our friends adopted them (two separate couples), but we’re all in the neighborhood.  They are VIP’s so of course the made the wall.  But they also serve to show us that this is a domino effect…and you do influence the people around you.  Which is a wonderful thing.  We can keep changing minds, one friend at a time.

And the star of the show, our boy.  He influenced this entire journey of ours.  We would certainly not be doing what we do today if it wasn’t for him.  He was the best damn foster brother that ever did exist.  So now more than ever, we’re happy we added him to the center of the wall.

Do you have any ‘art’ in your home that’s pictures of your pups or foster pups?  Any other ideas on how to remember each of these special souls?

Bottle Pups

These lil pups were dropped off at BARCS just over 3 weeks ago.  They were days old.  They were dropped off  by a lady without any explaination; she pretty much dropped them and ran off without answering any basic questions.  Well thank goodness for foster homes that can handle puppies so young.  I know we certainly couldn’t.  Up every hour, feeding them constantly…not our cup of tea.  These puppies were struggling a lot at first.  One stopped breathing on two seperate occasions.  Their foster mama was worried sick.  Well, clearly they are doing great now…eatin’ like little piggies.  What kind of dogs are they?  No idea!  I’d put money that they have some sort of pitbull type dog in them, but those ears are very interesting.  Their foster mama guesses they have some hound since they are very vocal.  Only time will tell!  We can’t wait to watch them grow over the next few weeks.

Until then, a photo essay for you, with love from the bottle pups.

that ear!
that polka dot nose!

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And off she goes!

This little piggy is gone already…Her new family fell in love with her before even meeting her (thank you petfinder!).  Once they came for a visit, her wiggley butt and sloppy kisses sealed the deal.  She’s headed to the county with a family of four; a mom, dad and two teenage girls.

Knox was sad to see his nurse go, but we promised him we’d take good care of him.

And Knox promised to try to keep all the toys adequately chewed since she was so good at that.

aaand to keep the infamous dog-claimed nook nice and warm.Good luck Miss Piggy!