Lola’s Livin’ the Life!

That Lola… she just brings a smile to my face when I think of her.  She was such a happy girl.  I knew we’d have a good update for you guys soon, since she really really really lucked out with such a loving and special home.  She just finished her training class (and of course did fabulous!  This is Lola, EVERYTHING she does is Fab-u-lous!)

Here’s what her new mama had to say about how she’s settling into her new castle digs:

Hi MABB & J,

Just a little follow up on my little angel Lola.  What a dream, we just love her.  She went to her first obedience class this past Saturday, she entered the ring being extremely vocal and tail wagging.  Miss Lola had everyone laughing, she was a hit.  Lola is a very smart little creature and I know she will ace the classes.  I have been working with her at home and she is doing fine.

Lola really likes my little dog, Beans and I believe he has learned to like her also.  Lola is always looking for Beans when we go for a walk, she wants to be able to see him.

Lola has met one of my grandchildren and of course, it love at first sight.

I will try to send some pictures from my phone, but I don’t have many that depict her antics.  She truly enjoys running through piles of leaves so fast that her back end is entirly tucked in; she loves the freedom.
Her favorite pass-time is enjoying chewing on her bone that is filled with peanut butter; she has lots of bones.  At the end of the evening, when it is time for bed, she loves jumping on our bed and barking with excitement and acting crazy to get attention and then crashes and falls asleep.
She is very cookie orientated, so she learns new tricks pretty quick, like catching the bits of cookies that I toss to her.  She also is trying to  say ma ma,  really funny.   She is a good student and all her classmates like her and people fall in love with her.  She loves to jump up next to us and snuggle when it is time to nap.   She likes to sit on the bench in the kitchen and look out the window.  I put her crate right by the door so she can look out and see the squirrels and birds.
Thanks again for finding her for us.
We’re so pleased with the match between Lola and her forever family.  Makes our hearts smile.  Keep up the good work in training Lola!  And keep the smiles coming for that new lucky family of yours.

And we say goodbye to another…

Yup, so quick.  Our Lolabug is gone.  It happened so fast, but she’s an easy gal to fall in love with.  We had her exactly one month.  She was adopted on New Year’s Day!

She will no longer have to spend her afternoon naps dreaming of her forever home because she’s got her own now.

We’re so Happy that our little Lola will spend her days with a wonderful couple, on a big plot of land, and a small canine brother named Bean.  The couple who adopted her has adult children, so for the rest of her (hopefully long) life, Lola will be the center of their life.  We can’t be more thrilled for our gal.Knox will miss his head rest, his playmate, and his snuggle buddy.  We’ll miss the little Lola who kept the kitchen mat warm.But we’re just so happy for you Lola bug!  And what a way to start the year!  A new home.  Best wishes, girl!

Happy New Year!!!

We’ve been taking the week to rest do a million other things that we never have time to do.  While Lola was at a temporary foster home while we traveled up to NY for Christmas, she got some good play time in with an previous MABB adoptable dog, who is now living the life!  This was their first foster experience and since Lola is such a cutie and it went so well, we’re hoping we have a new foster home in the MABB network.  Good Job Lolabug!

If your thinking about new year’s resolutions this year, you should consider the thought of fostering a dog.  Why not give it a try?  If it’s not your cup of tea, the good news is they’re not gonna be with you forever!  If you find a good rescue group in your area, like we have, they will be flexible to suit your needs.  We have an active male dog, live in the city, and do not have a yard.  We do a lot of on-leash meeting of other dogs as we live in an urban neighborhood that’s super dog friendly (a plus!  unless you have a leash reactive dog).  Despite the specific-ness of our home, MABB has been pretty successful with appropriate matches to best suit our household.  Make sure if you do consider fostering, you put the leg work into finding a great and supportive rescue group, it’s worth it!It’s not for everyone, it’s true.  But you’ll never know unless you give it a try!  And disclaimer, ALL family members should be on board…you know your family best.  Despite the fact that Brian rolls his eyes about this stuff sometimes, he’s the first to suggest keeping some of our past fosters… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to respond to “Why don’t we just keep him/her!” with “We can’t have three dogs in this house…if we adopt it will be the end of fostering until we move”.

But seriously, wouldn’t you have trouble saying goodbye to this face?

total wigglebutt mode!

We’re preparing ourselves because Lolabug may just be flying the coop soon!  We’ll catch ya in the new year!

Lola, the Hostess with the Mostest

Lola’s a party girl, who knew?!  She helped Knox host a holiday party this past weekend.  She really was the hostess with the mostest, and put me to shame!

She mingled with guests,

and helped with some babysitting duties.

She checked in on guests in the kitchen since it was too crowded for me to get in there…  “Yup everyone’s glasses are full!”  Thanks for the update, Lolabug.

She ensured that the crumbs were caught when guests made messes, even when Knox was dozing off (he’s a slacker sometimes she told me).And she made sure all the guests that needed a good lap-warming, got one.

I could not have pulled off this party without my Lolabug… If you need help hosting, Lola’s your girl!  She was calm cool and collected even when I was stressing out.  Thank you Lolabug!

A Perfect December Night

Mondays…they are just no good.  After work, we went on our usual walk around the ‘hood, but it was very chilly!  We came home, and decided it was time for Lola’s bath.  She did great, but something tells me it was her least favorite part of the evening.

We did some snugglin’ after to get dry and warm up…I think she liked that part a whole lot better.  I had to remove myself to grab the camera, clearly these two didn’t mind.  More blankets for them.

Then on to some Christmas baking!

Mondays aren’t a favorite in our house, but this one wasn’t so bad.  🙂

What is it with this bed…

Our house is scattered with several cushy places for the dogs to lay.  A sunny spot by the window, a cozy bed in front of tv, and of course, the big chair by the window that Knox believes belongs to him, among other places.  But something about Knox’s first, cheap, old bed, draws these fosters like moths to a flame.

The other day Ms. Lola was in her crate, whining a bit.  We make it a point not to let her (or any of our fosters) our of the crate till they learn to settle down on their own.  As soon as she settled down, I unlatched her.  Do you want to know the first thing she did?  Jumped out of her crate, sprinted across the dining room, and right into Knox’s crate.

This girl was on a mission.  To take a nap.  In Knox’s crate.

“leave me alone and let me nap on this big ol’ stinky bed in peace” Lola Bunny.  Direct quote.

What I can’t wrap my head around is that this bed is old as dirt (ok, only as old as we’ve had Knox, so about 18 months).  But he sleeps on it every day (for 8+ hours), its been through hell (I won’t go into details) when he’s had stomach issues, and it’s just OLD.

Here’s Lola’s Doppelgänger, our first long-term foster, Jenny.

Clearly she had a thing for Knox’s crate too.  And he was happy to oblige his little puppy.

Any ideas as WHY this stinky bed is the hit of the house?

PS- disclaimer, we wash it often…but I’m not convinced all the ‘dog’ is out of it after a good wash.  Share your thoughts?

And PPS- isn’t the resemblance between Lola and Jenny uncanny?!

Let me introduce myself

Yes, you all know my name is Lola… about time these guys picked a name for me!  I heard they wanted to call me Dumbo and Bugs and a whole slew of other names that basically made fun of my ears…

It’s okay, I’m comfortable with how I look…in fact after first glance, my ears bring smiles to almost everyone who meets me!  Who wouldn’t want a feature like that?!

Here’s a better look…You smiled, didn’t you?  Well if that made you smile, check out my adorable speckled nose!  I’m a really curious girl, so every time the foster mama takes out the camera I come running over to sniff, see?See my beautiful eyes too?  Fostermama says I stare so wonderfully into her eyes, that she just dishes out these little crunchy treats…mmmm mmmmm!

And last but certainly not least, one of my most unique features…Yup!  A crooked little tail, short too!  I won’t whack you in the leg with it, or knock anything off the coffee table…but it’s not toooo too short that you can’t see it wagging (and just incase you had trouble seeing it because it wags so fast, don’t worry, my whole back-end wiggles so much I fall over!)See how short it is compared to the big guy’s?

Speaking of big guys, I’m getting to know him really well too.  We just want to play but fostermama says we’s gots to take it slooow.  I did get to sneak him a few kisses though…

Ta-ta for now!

Her name was…

Lola!  She was a show girl…

Okay so maybe she’s not a show girl, but she’s a complete love and she wants to thank everyone who voted on our facebook page for her new name!  It was close, but I can tell already that this little lady likes to dance, so Lola it is!

Lola is resting up and recouping from a bad infection in her throat, but she’s already feeling a ton better and can’t wait to show herself off tomorrow…