We gave her the talk…

Yup, it’s that time!  We sat LB down and had the talk.

We are not her furever family, but they have found her!  She is going to live with a family of three (a 10-year-old human brother) and a kittie too!  Thank goodness we had these kittens so we were able to kitty test LB, and aside from wanting to play with them, she left them alone (lets just say they did not reciprocate the offer…)

She thanked us for letting her crash at our place on her journey to her forever home.

then threw her head back and cackled, “Wahoo!!!! I’m going home!”

We sure will miss sweet girl… There was something very special about her the day I picked  her up from the shelter.  I picked her up just for a transport, but my heart-strings were tugging to go back to the kennel and get her.  Sure enough she showed up the next night to crash after a vet visit.  I knew we needed to spend some more time with her!  I know it seems quick, but don’t forget she was with someone else for 3-4 weeks before she got here.  Besides, we knew this cutie wouldn’t last long.  She’s one lucky gal and they are one super lucky family.

Congrats, Lovebug!!!  You’ve only been gone for three days and we already miss you.  Lucky for us, the rotating door has swung again and there is a new dude in the house…

And he’s got a cute tush.

Dinner al Fresco ala Kong

A few months ago it was Bodie enjoying an early spring dinner al fresco via the Kong Genius:

Now it’s the Bug who’s enjoying an oddly cool June evening dining al fresco (well this was last week if you want to get specific).  What do we love about feeding our fosters out of these toys?  The list is almost endless, but here’s our top three favorite reasons for using Kongs:

1) Mental stimulation!  Check out the concentration here, demonstrated by the Lovebug:

yup, it’s hard work getting the yummies out.

2) Pacing— we’ve had several very skinny pitties, and know what they all had in common?  They scarfed.  As in ‘blink-and-the-bowl-is-empty’ scarf.  Sometimes they need a lil help pacing.

3) Nosework- inevitable.  Sometimes I’ll hide the kong, then they really need to use their nose!  But not always…often the learn to pick it up and slam it on the ground, creating a big mess.  But do you know what is great about the big mess?  They need to use their noses to clean it up!  (Hence all the al fresco dining).

Even Miss Booger Face can use her nose to sniff out all those yummies.

Here are a few more adorable pics of the Bug enjoying her dinner.

My favorite–the upside down pose

How do your pooches dine?  I’ve also heard that gatorade bottles area good ideas (make sure to take all the plastic pieces off)— an idea from our Chickerdoodle friends!  It’s on our to-do list!

Lovebug goes to school

Not school for her, no…she went to teach!  

Yup, last week she was hard at work in a school here in Baltimore, teaching kiddos the best way to approach and pet a dog.  And of course, she taught kids how to love animals too 🙂

Humane education is a great way that many local rescue, advocacy groups and shelters help to spread love for pitbulls and dogs in general.  It starts with the kids (especially those in areas where dogfighting has been a problem in the past) and hopefully lights a fire inside a little kid’s heart to teach them what wonderful creatures these animals are.  So yes, despite the fact that it doesn’t quite look like it, Lovebug is actually doing something very huge here.

I didn’t get to go on this field trip because I also was working hard at my day job…. so photo’s courtesy of Lisa’s iphone 🙂  (thanks Lisa!)

Lovebug was accompanied by my good buddy Lisa at BARCS

What I’ve missed

It’s very refreshing to take a break from fostering, please do not get me wrong.  If you foster, and even if you’re the type that cries your little eyes our when the fosters are adopted (I’m not one of those but I know a few… you know who you are, JW!), you can’t deny that getting back to your unit/pack/family is nice.  For us, after a foster was adopted, we went back to me, Brian and Knox.  Our unit.  Our family.  Just so refreshing.

photo credit: Taylor Smith: http://www.fieldsofgreenphoto.com

Now we don’t have a Knox.  ‘Us’ is Brian and I.  Don’t get me wrong here either, I love ‘us’.  But since February, it’s been weird when we don’t have a foster (or if I’m not dog-sitting) because I miss so many things.  I miss going to B-More dog Pits on Parade with my dog.  I miss going for my morning stroll around federal hill park and chatting with all the regular morning friends.  I miss long afternoon walks – the only time of the day I’m actually ‘unplugged’ for any length of time.  I miss walking to the hardware store just to pick up soap (and get a doggie treat) because dogs are so welcomed.

It’s amazing how empty life is without a dog!  Though we have yet to find our next One, I’m so thankful that I’ve been blessed with some excellent canine company in pibble form these last few months.

Despite the commitment and responsibility, I have to say, I absolutely agree that a house is not a home without a dog.  And lucky for us, Lovebug is back 🙂  And I’m thrilled to be making kongs at night, giving out belly rubs after work, and getting up 30 minutes earlier for a morning stroll (or jog) around the harbor.

Hellooooooo snotty Lovebug! (Yes, she’s still super snotty and headed back to the vet this week!)