Gone with the Wind

Girlfriend is gone, gone with the wind.  So quick, like a nice spring breeze… she was in and out.

It’s a good thing too, since we were actually quite in love with the gal.  Had she stayed any longer, who knows what the turn out could have been.  

On paper, this gal’s resume could not be beat!  A total love?  check.  Walks perfectly on a leash?  Check.  Gets along great with other dogs?  Check check.  Laying at your feet for a belly rub every time you walk (instead of jumping in your face?) Check.  Really, she was quite a catch.  Oh and a beauty!?  HELLO— she’s gorgeous!

Which leads me to this handsome chap: Hans.

Holly + Hans… sitting in on a tree…

Could I possibly keep these two apart?!  I think not.  Who knew, after all Holly’s looking around for The One at the March For the Animals, he was waiting in the wind.

Holly at the Kissing Booth at March for the Animals!

So, Holly’s met her True Love.  And that’s that.  I realize I didn’t ever TELL you all about Holly.  It’s nothing new…the usual.  But Holly is about 3 years old.  She came into BARCS after just having a litter.  She was transferred to the SPCA, adopted out, returned, etc.  MABB finally stepped up when they saw what a super star she was, and the rest is history.    True love in the making.  That’s what it’s all about right?

Here’s to you, Hans and Holly!  To life long happiness.

Girlfriend Grills

We’ve started grilling Sundays…every Sunday we grill.  Veggies, burgers, chicken, etc. (list goes on but I’ll spare ya).  It sets us up for the week so we can spend more time after work at the park or on long walks with the Foster de Jour, instead of slaving in the kitchen (not that I don’t love being in the kitchen… I actually do love it).  Well that’s neither here nor there.  The point is, girlfriend likes to grill too.  In the kitchen, she stakes out a place on her mat, and calmly observes the prepping, chopping, stirring and dicing.  But, outside?  The aroma she just can’t get enough of.

Brian is actually working two grills… and for some (odd) reason, she was drawn to the grill with the portabellas, peppers, and zucchini. 

Maybe it’s that she knew the burgers weren’t cooked to perfection, yet.

Aside from some temperature criticism, Hollygirl completed her taste tests, as every good dog cook should.

 She approved of the meal, and has proved herself an asset to any backyard BBQ.  Any takers out there for a grilling buddy?  She’s clearly bound to succeed in this area.

Run, Girlfriend, Run.

There’s just something heartwarming about seeing a dog running.  I’m not talking about jogging, or running with a human.  I mean full-out, sprinting till your backside-can’t-keep up-with-your-front-side running.

Running when your cheeks-go-flapping-in-the-wind, running

It’s not often we have the space, reliability, and training with our foster dogs to enjoy them off leash.  It’s a luxury we’ve only had with a handful of our fosters (Buddha, Eve and Lola were the few).  But sometimes the stars align and our hearts are warmed by those happiness-filling outdoor zoomies.

Clearly, it warms girlfriend’s heart too.

The New Girl

Have you heard the news?  There’s a new girl in town.  Her name is *Holly* but we’ve been calling her Girlfriend for now… we just don’t think Holly is such a good fit for this anything-but-dainty girl.  (And that’s the name the shelter gave her so we are free to change it).  Anyway, meet the New Girl!

She’s got this adorable white stripe up her nose that’s just so scratchable.

And she’s got these long, blonde eyelashes that she bats effortlessly, putting a spell on any and all to rub her belly.

She’s got quite an exceptional physique, considering she just finished being a mamagirl.

And a ton of love to give, that’s for sure!  We’ll be getting to know this lady over the next week but we can tell already she’s quite a catch.