Chloe Belle

Chloe the Diva

Chloe Belle is a beauty!  She’s a pretty blue gal (which is a pretty shiny grey color).  She’s also a DIVA.  She is another girl who came from Prince George’s County, where she would have been euthanized if a rescue did not pull her from the county shelter.  She’s really a sweetheart.  She came to us for a brief period of time while her original foster parents were on vacation…she never went back.  Not  because her previous foster parents weren’t awesome and didn’t love her, but because another couple (great friends of ours) fell in love with her.  So she found a new home when she was with us!  Her humans had been in the market for a dog.  They were sad they didn’t jump on Jenny (because Jenny is just an adorable cuddle bug), but when Chloe came along, they fell in love with her!

Chloe Belle

Chloe does have a diva personality.  Now I obviously only wanted our friends to have the best dog ever, because this dog too would complete the ‘pack’.    Knox, Tyson, and _______?  Chloe was pretty perfect for the available position.  She liked playing with other dogs but definitely knew how to lay down the law.  Knox and Tyson needed a woman to do this job since they are a bunch of goofballs.  Chloe it is!

Snugglin’ on the couch.

Now lots of dogs have some sort of ‘issue’, especially when they come from rescue.  Chloe’s issue is sharing.  Which I learned is not really an issue.  See dogs are not humans.  They are dogs.  They often do not want to share and it’s not exactly in their genetic make up to do so.  Some dogs are better than others.  While Chlo was with us, she would steal Knox’s toys and run to a ‘safe spot’ to chew.  Knox was okay with that.  He didn’t bug her too much, though if he tried to take it, Chloe was clearly not pleased.    We learned that toys are often very valuable to dogs.  We had to watch Chloe with them.  If we removed them, there was never an issue.  So now whenever we have playdates with Chloe, no treats, no toys, NO PROBLEM 🙂

Chloe’s new humans : )

Luckily for Chloe, at her new home she gets to be the princess.  She gets her own toys and doesn’t have to worry about sharing.  She snuggles, she kisses, she cuddles, and she loves.

When she has playdates, she PLAYS!  She another one of the fosters that really enjoys some good play.  And play is great!  She taught us not to expect dogs to act like humans… after all, they are just dogs.  And dogs are wonderful creatures, but they are not taught to share in puppy kindergarten (and that’s ok).


7 thoughts on “Chloe Belle

  1. Aww, I love reading about Chloe’s journey to us!! She is the sweetest, must cuddly pup! She is doing so well and we are in LOVE with her! And very excited to start on some training 🙂 Thank you so much for helping us find her!

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