Eve was our longest foster to date.  She really just fit in.  She was a pleasure to have, and we really miss her since she just fit so well into our day to day life.  She’s a super sweet lil pibble, with energy and personality that kept up with Knox.  She too was pulled (at the same time as Ivy) from Prince George’s County, where there is a breed ban.  I’m not sure if these two were related or not, but they sure do look like they are! 


And Ivy…. Pretty similar right?

Anyway, we loved having Eve.  She was with us over two months and the whole neighborhood was sad to see her go (but happy for her too!).  She is now living on a farmette with a doggie brother.  She’s no longer dreaming of her perfect forever home…
She’s living it! 🙂  We love you Evey!

4 thoughts on “Eve

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