Ivy Girl


Pretty Ivy

Our Ivy girl.. sigh.  We really wanted to keep this one.  We LOVED Ivy.  As I said in previous post, we’ve loved all our fosters, but Ivy and Knox didn’t play.  So life.was.easy.  I even took a nap with Ivy curled up on the couch and Knox on the floor and they didn’t budge (and for those of you who know me, I never nap unless it’s complete silence!)  This was huge!

See Ivy arrived incredibly timid.  She ‘pancaked’.  She would lie flat on the floor, belly to the ground, when she encountered anything new or ‘scary’, including a pizza box, lap top cords, etc…(so scary, those cords!  Shame on them!)  She too came from Prince George’s County (she and three other dogs, including Eve, were set to be euthanized on the same day), so MABB came in and scooped these sweethearts up!

Catchin' a lift down

I think Knox helped her come out of her shell.  She even attempted the steps!  Though she could only make it up, she would need a personal lift down.  In only 7 days, we saw the change in her, she started to become a bit more confident, though it was clear she didn’t understand (or was too scared) to play.  That was okay in my book (but Knox clearly was bummed). 


MABB called, saying they had some interests in Ivy just a few days after we got her.  Brian immediately suggested we keep Ivy.  I mean, I loved her too, but that means we wouldn’t be able to foster anymore.  Not because two dogs and a foster is too much (well okay, with our Knox, maybe it would be) but because we live in a tiny row house, and they get walked 4 times a day (since we don’t have a yard)….we just cannot handle three.  Period.  No matter how much we loved Ivy.

Ivy giving kisses the day we picked her up. Drying after a bath al fresco!

Sure enough, a great couple fell in love with Ivy and wanted to adopt her.  It was the hardest thing, saying goodbye to this girl.  We’d seen her grow so much.  She was such a love bug.  She fit perfectly in our home.  But that would be selfish…so off she went to her new and wonderful family just 10 days after she came to us.  We love you, Ivygirl!

Just an update- for those of you who read our Ivy’s update a few months ago: We are happy to report Ivy’s parents have done everything and more for this girl.  They are so committed to her, it makes my heart melt a bit.  Ivy completed obedience classes and finished top of her class!  She stopped escaping from her crate and trusts strange humans much more now.  She is doing AMAZING.  Not that we ever doubted she would. 


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