Jenny from the Block

Jenny came third.  Our first ‘official’ foster.  By that, I mean there was no end date.  No, “adopter is coming on such and such day to pick her up”.  She was ours, for better or worse, until someone fell in love with her.  Lucky for us, she was easy to love.  Jenny was with us for about 3 weeks, in freezing February.  She (just like many of our fosters to come) were Prince George’s County, a county in Maryland with a Breed ban.  Any dog with a big blocky head in PG County that could potentially be a pit bull is euthanized unless a rescue (out of county, of course) can take them.  And with the amount of dogs that come in, it’s safe to say most of them (including sweeties like Jenny) don’t make it out ever again.  Luckily for Jenny (and her adorable brother Benny), they made it out safe and sound.  Jenny was the best little pup.  She was estimated to be about 5-6 months old, however she was so calm for a puppy (or so they say, I have no idea since I’ve never had a puppy).  Compared to my 65lb maniac, she was feelin’ her zen and chilled out a lot of the time.  However, Jwow knew how to party.  And when her and Knox got to playing it was a wild time had by all.  Again. C-R-A-T-E = MAGIC.

Jenny had a thing for Knox’s crate, problem was, she would always pee in it!   It was so weird.  This started happening after her spay.  We learned from Jenny that little girl pups often have accidents after their spay (and occasionally catch a UTI because of the spay).  We learned that even housebroken dogs get this.  It went on for a while, and became frustrating at times because it didn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason.  Sometimes it would be right after we came back from a walk, other times in the middle of playing, other times, she’d walk right into Knox’s crate and pee while looking at us (you would think we would catch on and start closing his crate but it took us a while…).  Jenny confused us in that area.  But with Jenny we learned the basics of housetraining.  A crucial lesson for those who plan to foster. 

Jenny went on to a couple who had a dog just like Knox.  A big lug of a dog named Diesel who took to Jenny immediately.  I’m sure our little Jwow is very happy and doing great.


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