Star aka Batgirl

Star was a brief though appropriate introduction to fostering (compared to Husky!) 

Unlike the Husky, she was an easy girl.  We knew when she was dropped off to us by MABB, she would be staying with us only briefly.  She had an adopter lined up but just needed a place to rest her head after recovering from her spay.  By taking Star, another more experienced foster home could take a new dog. 

Star was adorable.  We joked that she was a pitbull mixed with a Chihuahua– those ears!  She was a petite thing but little did we know she was a wild girl.  She came to us right after spay, curled up in a ball, and slept on Knox’s bed.  We were told that this was the easy part, and the tough part would be helping her ‘go easy’ day 2 and 3 of recovery.  How do you stop two dogs from playing? Crate.  One magical word.  Crate.  Invaluable as foster parents.  We learned from Star that a crate can be the most useful tool.  You can teach dogs to love it (all of ours have).  It’s the place where they eat their meals, get their bestest toys (esp Kongs with PB), and where they go when they get a little overwhelmed.  It’s their safe place and their comfort in a crazy transition.  That is what Star taught us.  Her and Knox would run laps around our little row house.  And when the humans needed a time out from the wild tumbleweeds, the pups got a time out too. 

Star was with us only for about a week, then went to an awesome adopter and is now a brewery dog! : )


3 thoughts on “Star aka Batgirl

  1. “…when the humans needed a time out from the wild tumbleweeds…” Jess, I love this blog! It’s hilarious!!!

  2. I also have 2 rescues from MABB, 9 mos & 18 mos, so I LOL when I read your wild tumbleweeds remark. I can really relate. Love your blog.

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