A Happy 4th of July

Did you all have a happy 4th of July?  We did.  

We laid very low this year due to the heat and the fact that the 4th fell smack in the middle of a work week.  We were remembering last year’s 4th, with Mr. Knox and Ms. Eve…that was a busy 4th!

This year, we did a bunch of relaxing, lounging, stooping, and people watching.  Oh and some tennis ball chewing…can never do too much of that now, right?!

We barely even got up off the sofa to stick our heads out the back door to check out the fireworks!  That’s okay…sometimes ya just need a day to do some serious stoopin’.  And in Baltimore, you can’t get more patriotic.

Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th just as much as we did!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July!  What a good 4th it’s been.  Eve got to hang out with lots of our human friends last night when we had a BBQ…which equaled a lot of love and attention and ice cubes.

Eve got a lot of snuggling in as well!





Quite the lap dog is, this Evey.

They didn’t nap all day so eventually they crashed pretty hard.  They even let us sleep in till 8:30 (amazing considering a 4 year old was up way before that!)

This morning continued the fun for these two!  They were out back playing fetch with a fantabulous fetch-mate, bright and early!

After playing in the back, we were off to the American Visionary Art Museum for the Pet Parade!
We met some interesting and adorable characters at the Parade!

An Oriole pug!


Evey making friends, as always!

Can you guess what Knox is sniffing????  He was  quite perplexed by this one…

A giant, patriotic Tortoise!

Giant pink poodle!

smells like pie!

Star-studded Golden-doodles!