Evey got Lucky

oh that Evey girl!  What a lucky gal.  Her adopted name is Jayde, but she’ll always be Eve to us.  She was adopted and got to live on a farm! 

Doesn’t get much better….but she recently lost her (much) older brother.  We are very sorry for her loss.  Recently loosing Knox we can understand all to well how the loss of a pet can affect us all.

But do you know what makes Eve/Jayde lucky?  She went and got herself her very own Lucky!  Yup, her mama decided to get her a foster brother, from MABB, named…. LUCKY!

Here’s her email update from their first day:

So far so good…. He [Lucky] laid down stretching out and taking up the whole back seat all the way home.  Jayde was forced to sit on the floor for a while.

It was pretty comical actually.  She got her revenge once she got him home in the yard.  She went right into wrestle mode with him.

He warmed up to it rather quickly and held his own as you can see in the pics.  Once they burned off that energy we went in and they took a little nap on the recliner and cooled off.  Then around 8:00 we went for a nice long walk and came back and they ate dinner and we relaxed before bed.  When I woke up, they were beside me and Jayde was spooning him.  He started out at the foot of the bed.  I wish I would have had my camera handy it was really cute.  
 Eve really did go and get herself a Lucky, didn’t she!
We’re so sorry for Eve’s loss, but we’re glad she has Lucky to distract her from the heartache.  And it certainly looks like he’s doing a good job of that!
Lucky is available for adoption (I made a mistake earlier and thought it was an adoption, my bad friends!)  Anyway, he’s super awesome with other dogs and is doing so well on a farm with horses.  If your interested in this handsome fellow, please fill out an application through Mid Atlantic Bully Buddies! You won’t regret it!
(photos all courtesy of Jayde and Lucky’s mama, Angie)

Dear Knox: The New Guy

Hey Bud,

So you heard huh?  Well of course you did, I’m positive you had something to do with this. He’s pretty fantastic.  He’s like you in so many ways.  His head and body shape are the obvious – all of his weight is in his chest and head, his lil butt doesn’t compare to the rest of him!  And he’s pretty tall too…just like you.  Oh and handsome!  Duh, that wasn’t a question right?  Handsome boys you two are.

He loves his ball so much!  But not your orange fetch one, he hasn’t met that one yet.  He loves your CUZ ball (that one you and Tyson ripped the feet off?)  LOVES IT.

I can’t believe this toy is still around a year later…that’s a huge feat in this house!

He’s met Tyson who gives his blessing, but I’m sure your laughing up there… thinking of your buddy Ty; who does Tyson not love?!  I know, I know, he doesn’t exactly set the bar high, but it’s good news for us.

Chocko’s a bit anxious…ok maybe more than a bit.  I’m trying to remember if you were in the beginning… you turned into such a confident guy at the ripe old age of 3.  I was proud of you for that; you were kinda a push-over at first 😉 .

I’m hoping he learns to relax a bit… we’re giving him a lot of consistency and stability and hopefully that’ll settle him down some.  He needs to be underfoot all the time, so we’re trying to help him build his confidence in the house… keeping him in a different room where he can still see or hear us but can’t be touching us.  He’s not as bad as you were in the crate when we leave during the day, but I do hear him crying and barking when I lock the door in the morning.  His WIRES are still in tact so he must not be as bad as you!  I can’t believe you went and ripped metal wires off a crate!  Crazy boy.

He would have been a year older than you.  Perfect.  I was so defeated when we lost you… I couldn’t comprehend starting all over again.  I love that he’s four and we are essentially picking up right where we left off with you… He’s a perfect foster-brother in the making.  Of course we’ll give him some stability and not drag in any new fosters just yet, but I know he’s gonna be so great… he’ll make you proud.

But with all your similarities he’s still very different.  His personality is a lot less confident in the house (hoping that will change over time) and he’s pretty timid of Brian (though he also loves him a ton).  It’s different because you know we’d never ever in a million years, hurt you.  Chocko hasn’t completely figured that out yet… and if Brian raises his voice he immediately rolls on his back or pees.  We’re working on it.  He’s also very excitable, just like you were, but is still learning the most acceptable ways to show his excitement… that’ll happen with time too (you took like a YEAR to learn that one).

Well Knox, there isn’t a whole lot else I know about him yet…it’s only been two weeks…but I wanted to say thanks for sending him our way.  I think we were a bit lost without a dog of our own, but until now, we weren’t ready.  I’m thankful we waited.  Five months later and I still love and miss you more than I thought possible.  Everyday I’m thankful for this passion that you brought out of me.  I can’t imagine my life with all of ‘this’…the blogging, fostering, photography, rescue stuff… I owe it all to you and not a day goes by that I don’t recognize that.

Love you, Knox.

Here’s the rest of the letters to my boy, incase you haven’t read them

Dear Knox I, Dear Knox II and Dear Knox III 

We gave her the talk…

Yup, it’s that time!  We sat LB down and had the talk.

We are not her furever family, but they have found her!  She is going to live with a family of three (a 10-year-old human brother) and a kittie too!  Thank goodness we had these kittens so we were able to kitty test LB, and aside from wanting to play with them, she left them alone (lets just say they did not reciprocate the offer…)

She thanked us for letting her crash at our place on her journey to her forever home.

then threw her head back and cackled, “Wahoo!!!! I’m going home!”

We sure will miss sweet girl… There was something very special about her the day I picked  her up from the shelter.  I picked her up just for a transport, but my heart-strings were tugging to go back to the kennel and get her.  Sure enough she showed up the next night to crash after a vet visit.  I knew we needed to spend some more time with her!  I know it seems quick, but don’t forget she was with someone else for 3-4 weeks before she got here.  Besides, we knew this cutie wouldn’t last long.  She’s one lucky gal and they are one super lucky family.

Congrats, Lovebug!!!  You’ve only been gone for three days and we already miss you.  Lucky for us, the rotating door has swung again and there is a new dude in the house…

And he’s got a cute tush.

Gone with the Wind

Girlfriend is gone, gone with the wind.  So quick, like a nice spring breeze… she was in and out.

It’s a good thing too, since we were actually quite in love with the gal.  Had she stayed any longer, who knows what the turn out could have been.  

On paper, this gal’s resume could not be beat!  A total love?  check.  Walks perfectly on a leash?  Check.  Gets along great with other dogs?  Check check.  Laying at your feet for a belly rub every time you walk (instead of jumping in your face?) Check.  Really, she was quite a catch.  Oh and a beauty!?  HELLO— she’s gorgeous!

Which leads me to this handsome chap: Hans.

Holly + Hans… sitting in on a tree…

Could I possibly keep these two apart?!  I think not.  Who knew, after all Holly’s looking around for The One at the March For the Animals, he was waiting in the wind.

Holly at the Kissing Booth at March for the Animals!

So, Holly’s met her True Love.  And that’s that.  I realize I didn’t ever TELL you all about Holly.  It’s nothing new…the usual.  But Holly is about 3 years old.  She came into BARCS after just having a litter.  She was transferred to the SPCA, adopted out, returned, etc.  MABB finally stepped up when they saw what a super star she was, and the rest is history.    True love in the making.  That’s what it’s all about right?

Here’s to you, Hans and Holly!  To life long happiness.

Bye Bye Bodester

I know I know, if your friends with us on facebook (as you should be, go like us if your not!), we sort of set you all up for failure.  Sorry.

We are not adopting the above named wrinkly cutie pie.  It was never the plan, but I know a lot of people out there were hoping he’d be our forever dog.  The truth is, we’re just not ready, or maybe he’s not the perfect match.  We know the word “perfect” is unfair, but comparing a dog to Knox 24/7 is also not fair, and since we’re still guilty of that…clearly it’s just not time…yet.

But that’s ok!  Because Bodie has met his mate!  An odd coincidence too.  An application came in for him…a  young girl who works for the military (don’t worry, there is a solid plan in place if she gets deployed, but that’s very unlikely as she’s already done that, twice).  She owns a nice big place in the city, not too far from us.  Here’s the crazy party that had me tearing on the phone when we spend a while just getting to know each other:  She just lost her pittieboy named Bookie.  He was only 2.  To some random freak illness.  They have no idea what it was.  Clearly, if you’ve been following us for a while, you know this strikes a chord for us, as we just went through something way too similar.  A very odd coincidence to say the least.

Anyway, my apologies that the pictures are just terrible.  Lucky for us, they live close enough that we’ll go pop in and hopefully visit on a nice day when we can get outside for some better pictures of this perfect match.

So Bodie’s off!  And we already have someone waiting in the wings for us!

Hooray to another successful adoption!  You all thought we didn’t have it in us huh!?!

And off she goes!

This little piggy is gone already…Her new family fell in love with her before even meeting her (thank you petfinder!).  Once they came for a visit, her wiggley butt and sloppy kisses sealed the deal.  She’s headed to the county with a family of four; a mom, dad and two teenage girls.

Knox was sad to see his nurse go, but we promised him we’d take good care of him.

And Knox promised to try to keep all the toys adequately chewed since she was so good at that.

aaand to keep the infamous dog-claimed nook nice and warm.Good luck Miss Piggy!

And we say goodbye to another…

Yup, so quick.  Our Lolabug is gone.  It happened so fast, but she’s an easy gal to fall in love with.  We had her exactly one month.  She was adopted on New Year’s Day!

She will no longer have to spend her afternoon naps dreaming of her forever home because she’s got her own now.

We’re so Happy that our little Lola will spend her days with a wonderful couple, on a big plot of land, and a small canine brother named Bean.  The couple who adopted her has adult children, so for the rest of her (hopefully long) life, Lola will be the center of their life.  We can’t be more thrilled for our gal.Knox will miss his head rest, his playmate, and his snuggle buddy.  We’ll miss the little Lola who kept the kitchen mat warm.But we’re just so happy for you Lola bug!  And what a way to start the year!  A new home.  Best wishes, girl!

Evey’s new home and new name

Remember Eve?  Our longest foster to date?  Those beautiful green eyes?  Remember she was stolen from us adopted this summer when we were out of town on vacation and we didn’t get to say goodbye?  We were certainly happy for our Evey, but a bit heartbroken we didn’t get to love on her before she left us.

Well I finally got in touch with her forevermama, and boy was I happy I did.  Here’s what she had to say:

Hi Jessica,

Thanks soo much for emailing me.  I always wondered about you guys.  Brian told us he was only Eve’s temporary foster parent while you guys were on vaca.  I felt horrible taking her that day knowing you didn’t get to say your last good bye’s.  We have since renamed her Jayde because of her crystal green eyes.  I was soo thankful to be able to adopt her living 2 hours from the rescue.  I had been turned away from rescuing from other Bully rescues due to my “zip code”.

Jayder Bug’s new BEST buddy is Winston, a 7.5 year old Boston Terrier.  As much as we fell for Jayde, he was the one to make the call.  For the last 6 years he had been King of his castle.  I knew I had to find the right match or there would be terrible trouble as Winston is a dominant male and can show his “little dog” syndrome. 

Jayde loves to go to Lowes and PetSmart where she receives all kinds of praise for being a good pitty ambassador.

She’s also all about romping thru the orchards full speed ahead and then running back to me as if trying to mow me over… LOL

I took some time and looked at your blogs and by the end of it, I was in tears.  I think its AMAZING what you guys do for this breed.  If I had the means, I would be right there with ya.

I attached a few pics of Jayde, I wish I had more, I need to work on that.  🙂

Jayder Bug? LOVE.LOVE.LOVE that nickname.  Orchards?  Did you pick up on that too?  Yes this girl is a country girl now!  I’m so happy for her it melts my heart.  Thank you AD for loving her too, and a special thank you to Winston for making room in his heart and castle to love this girl (I mean how could he not?)  Here’s some picture’s of Eve courtesy of her mama.

Love that just melts my heart.

An Update from Chloe

We’re currently foster-less, and will be for about another 2 weeks or so due to our crazy schedule, (for example right now I’m posting from my hotel room since I’m at a conference out of town for the week, and in between lectures).  Our schedule has a lot of these obstacles in it for a few weeks, so in the meantime, we figured we’d check in with some of our previous fosters to see how they are doing!

Today is Ms. Chloe’s Update. 

Here’s an update, straight from her mama.  Luckily for us, we get to see Chloe all the time and knew she would be in the bestest of hands, but it’s nice to hear it straight from her new parents.

Chloe only joined our family five months ago, but (as cheesy as this sounds) it really does feel like we’ve had her for years. There is nothing like coming home from work, and watching her tail wiggle so fast she can’t even stand.

We had been contemplating getting a dog for several months, but were still renting and had to wait. We kept falling for each one of Jess and Brian’s new fosters. One month after buying our own place, we met Belle (now Chloe!). Although we knew that we wanted to adopt a dog, we weren’t sure if we were ready for a Big Bad Pit Bull. (We, especially me, were a bit ignorant, until we started doing some research and listening to our enlightened friends) My husband, Blake, fell head over heels for her best quality, those ears!

So we started by “borrowing” Chloe for a few hours after work. I gave my Blake, who had never owned a dog, strict instructions on how to lay down the law from the beginning – no couch, no table scraps, blah blah blah. Fast forward 30 minutes. Poor Chloe just looked so sad down there on that carpet. She must be scared being in a new home with strangers. We should let her up on the couch to comfort her!

And that is where you can find her anytime we are home. Belle/Chloe/Chloe-Belle/Chloe B/Beans/Franks & Beans/Beanbag/Chlosephine/ChloChlo/ Chlo Chlo Chanel, is curled up on her blanket up on the couch, ‘til she slowly weasels her way down the couch. Before you know it, WE are in her way. She now also has her own papason chair. And a bed, of course. She pretty much rules the house.

Jess nailed it up front by calling her a Diva. If you catch up with us outside, you would never know what a couch potato this girl is. She insists on meeting every dog we meet and is quick to show her boyfriends (yup, she’s got two), Tyson and Knox, who’s in charge.

Even though we think she’s pretty much perfect, we realize we have plenty to work on. We were “invited” back to repeat our obedience class. What a privilege! And just like most other 2 year olds, she isn’t always the best with sharing and tends to have selective hearing. We’ve also been battling with a nasty reoccurring rash/allergy/staph/yeast/mange? the past several months, so our poor girl has had to put up with some drastic changes until we figure out the cause. She is totally heartbroken that we have taken away most of her treats and her one true love, peanut butter. She hangs her head and gives us real ‘puppy dog eyes’ when we wipe her down with baby wipes after each walk….and when we bathe her….did I mention that we have to leave her special shampoo on for 10 minutes?! An eternity in dog years. 

Despite this, I think she loves us as much as we love her.  We truly couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

Thanks for the update, M & B!  We know she couldn’t be a happier pup (minus the loss of peanut butter… and spoiled dog’s worst nightmare).