Two weeks with Tyson

Guess who had his best buddy over for a 2 week sleepover?  Yup, Tyson was with us for almost two weeks while his humans were on their honeymoon!

So what were the boys up to?  Well they had to get all their zoomies out before Hurricane Sandy arrived, so along with their gal pal Molly, they did exactly that.

Tyson was on storm watch duty, but this was apparently exhausting.

So it was a whole lot of butt snugglin’ and hibernating when Sandy finally arrived, which was fine with us!

They graciously took turns being the butt cushion, of course.

They even got some snuggles in with the humans. 

We are thankful and happy to report that we survived Sandy with no real damage, but our hearts go out to those who suffered and lost during this terrible storm.  There are many places and people near and dear to our hearts that have suffered and we continue to keep them in our thoughts.