Lola, the Hostess with the Mostest

Lola’s a party girl, who knew?!  She helped Knox host a holiday party this past weekend.  She really was the hostess with the mostest, and put me to shame!

She mingled with guests,

and helped with some babysitting duties.

She checked in on guests in the kitchen since it was too crowded for me to get in there…  “Yup everyone’s glasses are full!”  Thanks for the update, Lolabug.

She ensured that the crumbs were caught when guests made messes, even when Knox was dozing off (he’s a slacker sometimes she told me).And she made sure all the guests that needed a good lap-warming, got one.

I could not have pulled off this party without my Lolabug… If you need help hosting, Lola’s your girl!  She was calm cool and collected even when I was stressing out.  Thank you Lolabug!