Chocko gets Sirius about his collar

You all know we are HUGE fans of Sirius Republic, right?  I mean how could we not be?  Aside from making our favorite style collars (the martingale) at a wonderful price for a custom fit, they give back so so much.  Free “adopt me” embroidery on collars for fosters, and adopt me bandanas?  Not to mention the fact that they donate a ton to rescues nationwide (particularly ones with a focus on pitbull type dogs- wahoo!)  So, we basically love them.  Like loooooove them.  And Chocko has a crush on Chilly (he likes the older ladies), but don’t tell him I told you!

So naturally we’ve been drooling over the new line of leather collars, but leather always seemed so intimidating…you know how some people buy that nice sports car and keep it in the drive way, wash it, but never actually DO anything with it because they are too scared they will ruin it?  Leather intimidated me, so I never took the leap…

Until we got a special surprise in the mail!

The Freebird

The Freebird

Doesn't the color compliment my furs?

Doesn’t the color complement my furs?

Since this was a gift, we were very open to whatever would compliment our brown boy best.  We maaaay have mentioned we had our eye on the Freebird (though the Guinness is also right up there in the favorites department), and it arrived in the ‘tan’ color (there are several different leather colors you can choose from).

Check out the detailing on the collar

sirius 3 sirius 8

I love that there are two D rings; the way it falls on Chocko, one hangs in the front and one in the back of his neck, which makes it perfect for both leash clipping and tag/ID clippings!  That is a huge perk in my book.  I also love the details in the wings and peace signs, how cool!

And you can’t ignore how handsome he looks in it, right?  I mean all he needs is a cigar and a card table, and maybe a glass of Scotch  (ew, forget the Scotch, but you get my drift), and his new alias could be The Underboss.

"You talkin' to me?"

“You talkin’ to me?”

sirius 5

Are you interested in looking as dapper as this guy?

sirius 4

Then head on over to Sirius Republic and get a collar of your own!  And here’s a special code for 10% off your order: CHOCKO – expires this Sunday, 3/31!

 Now onto Leather Care

I asked about what I needed to know, since this would be my first experience with a leather collar.  Here’s the response I got:

“The collar comes to you “finished”, which just means we have applied conditioner and finishing products to weather/waterproof it. Care is really easy, in fact if you don’t do anything to it, it should last beautifully on its own, although a little bit of conditioner occasionally will help it look and feel great. Just take some conditioner (we use Fiebing’s brand, but any leather conditioner will do), rub it into the leather for a few minutes with your fingers to help the leather absorb the conditioner, wipe off any excess with a soft rag. It can get wet, just make sure you wipe it off after. Don’t leave it to dry out in the sun or soak it in water for an extended period of time. If it gets dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth. Leather is such a durable material, with a little bit of care and common sense, it will last nicely for many years (I actually prefer the look and feel of older leather). 

I’ve also updated our website to include leather info and care, check it out here:”

Wow, that doesn’t seem too complicated now does it?  And I have to agree, I prefer the look of old leather!  So now that I know we won’t break and ruin it, we’re off to wear in our collar!  Hope you enjoyed all the handsomeness.

**The Freebird was a gift to us and all the opinions in this post are my own.  Seriously…awesome freakin’ collar!**

I’m Sexy and I know it…

We all know the song (dont we?)….It’s terrible, but terribly catchy.  One of those ones that gets in your head and just doesn’t leave…

Well, Bodie has embraced the tune since the arrival of this today, thanks to Sirius Republic!!!

He was even caught shaking his tail to his new tune this evening.

He was singing too…

When I Walk to the park, this is what I see,

All the other pups just staring at me

I got fashion on my collar and I ain’t afraid to show it, show it, show it

I’m sexy and I know it.

“No Shoes, No Shirt, and I still get service”.  It’s the collar.

So I guess what they say is true…

At least for this guy… He’s a fighter alright.  He’s fighting mighty hard and we are so proud of him for it.  Fighting his itty bitty pitty butt off…for his life. Gosh, where to begin.  This has been a yo-yo of a week.  We kept hoping for good news, but it never came.  After two blood transfusions, he still wasn’t stable.  Despite the levels going up a bit, they were never considered safe.

He's lost 9 lbs...but eating well now!

He was discharged Thursday night with the meds he’s been on and a “good luck, but some dogs just don’t respond to the meds”.  Well, if that was our plan, I would have been devastated.  BUT, remember I said on Monday’s post that one of the many gifts this boy had brought to my life is the many friends I’ve met who are involved with pit bull rescue?  Well, a visit to our trainer’s vet was essentially demanded by her all week.  By Thursday, I was so relieved we had another plan.

In 24 hours, his levels dropped again (so he is still dangerously anemic).  Our new Doc suggested upping his current meds (doubling his antibiotic and steroid), and adding in a few others, as well as some vitamin K, and a few meds to help his belly not react too terribly.  Here’s the line up.  We’re overwhelmed to say the least.

We tried to organize the best we could, but holy cow, it feels like we’re running a nursing home!  Sheesh!

Anyway, after leaving the doc today, we’re very hopeful.  Confident even.  More so in him, than in anything else.  Because as I said above, he’s a fighter.  I know we’ve been asking for over a week now to keep your fingers, toes and paws crossed… but if they’re not too cramped up from all the crossing, could you keep it up a little longer?  We think it’s helping.  Knox says thanks.

And so do we.  Thank You.  It’s truly amazing how many people have awe-ed us.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  Thank you for hoping for this boy.  It’s working.  I hope we will have some scientific evidence to report next week that he’s really on the mend (he’s back to the vet on Tuesday, as long as he presents the same all weekend).

The sooner he’s better, the sooner he can get back to work being the bestest foster brother he can be!