Introducing, Bodie!

You all thought we were really gonna call him Gimp!?  How cruel do you think we are around here?!?  Despite his true gimpy-ness, we use that nickname only occasionally.

We decided to call him Bodie, after one of our (many) favorite characters from the Baltimore-based series, The Wire.

Our Bodie is a determined teenager, like Bodie from The Wire.  However, our Bodie is a hugger and a cuddle monster, very unlike the human Bodie who inspired his name.

Bodie had a pretty exciting weekend around here.  He got his cast off (yippie!) — He was very worried about his tan lines when he was out stoopin’ on St. Pitty’s St. Patty’s Day, so he was relieved to not have to worry about that.

He also got to socialize with some festive people in green.  Despite his initial hesitation about his outfit (the cone of shame), he realized it got him even more attention and decided that since the humans embraced it, he would too!

We hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day!