Meet Chock.

After two girl fosters (Holly and Lovebug) we were thrilled to get our hands on this boy… we are about gender equality in this house and since Bodie last left, we were having boy withdrawal.

Meet Chock.  He said  he’s please to meet you all.

He kinda reminds me of a panther, do ya see it?

A smiling panther… with a wiggle butt…and frog legs.

We first laid eyes on this guy at our Pints for Pits Fundraiser (for BARCS) in mid-June.  We still had Lovebug, but she did have an adoption application pending…when we agreed the adopters were a perfect fit, we knew exactly who was coming our way next.

LB left us on a Saturday morning and this dude showed up the next evening.  He’s been with us about a week now and he’s pretty fantastic.

Oh…and Handsome too.  Check out those chestnut eyes.

And that adorable lower lip.  How could he not win us over every time?  “Puh puh puh please can I have that treat?”  Yup, he’s got a bit of a stutter too, so we imagine.

We are big fans of this guy.  Huge.

A distinguished gentleman.  (ok…well maybe he still needs some finishing school…more on that later!)