Checkin’ out the Chesapeake

On a wonderful Saturday in the summer, what better a place to be then the beach?!  Now I do a lot of complaining about how far the ‘real’ beach is from Baltimore, but the bay is a perfect place for our two pitties to start getting their sea legs, and it’s only 20 minutes away (well the part that’s safe to swim in, anyway)! 

We visited Downs Park Dog Beach yesterday to see how these two city dogs faired in the water.  The results?  Eve went RIGHT IN!  So fearlessly I didn’t even whip my camera out fast enough…but oddly, that was it for her.  She didn’t enjoy it much, I guess… Or she was just way more interested in the other dogs on the sand (and there were a lot of them)!  She did a whole lot of this:

Knox on the other  hand has come a long way from his first water experience last summer, in which he flailed around like a drowning cat and attempted to climb a ladder to escape the evil water.   

Hesitant at first, all it took was a stick… and watching a few other dogs do it again and again, and surprisingly NOT being eaten by the evil water!

And my favorite picture of the day…

I just want to eat him up in this picture!  “I found the stick, ma, LOOK!!!”  I see ya buddy, I see ya.  UGH. love this guy.

So after the swimming, they did a lot of running around on the not so large beach, playing keep away with some other young pups.

And Eve was such a trooper, being on leash.  Here she is looking up to B.  What a cutie.

They were the perfect little pitties, and continued to spread love and demonstrate good manners.  What an excellent afternoon!  We can’t wait to go back…maybe not on a Saturday in the summer (it was crowded, and it is a small beach), but worth the experience. 

Next beach on our to-visit list: Quiet Waters in Annapolis…