Tyson the Rockstar!

Another foster update for this week, our good buddy Tyson!  Now we are lucky because Ty got adopted by our good friends in the neighborhood so we get to see a lot of him!  Tyson has done so well with them.  It was a short adjustment period for Tyson; we suspect this was the first time he’d ever been in a home without another dog…but he adjusted fairly quickly and continues his Rockstar-ness every where he goes!

loungin' by the pool in the OBX with his buddy Knox

Some of his favorite places to visit are his extended human family’s outside of the city… a farm in Frederick, MD and sometimes allllll the way up to Massachusetts.  But I’ll let them tell you how he’s doing!

A and I couldn’t be happier adopting Tyson.  Looking back I have no idea how we didn’twant to take him home the first time I met him. We are very fortunate to have found such an awesome dog.  So far we haven’t found a dog he doesn’t like or a person he doesn’t want attention from. He is extremely loyal and obedient.  He listens well and I would recommend the obedience training to anyone with a dog. He is doing his job in giving pitbull type dogs better street cred. 

We’ve made several trips to New England to visit the family and we’ve found that even though Tyson likes car rides-he gets car sick.  He’s fine on short distances, loves to hang his head out the window, but for trips over an hour you can tell he’s ready to be on the ground again. 

Tyson has a lot of energy-but loves to be invited up on the couch to watch TV with us.  After I get home from work he follows me everywhere. He’s always in the same room as me- especially in the kitchen when food is around.  Teaching him to paw shake was a mistake-now what does he do when he wants your attention?  He paws at you.  He’s trying to learn a few other tricks, but I can say he’s mastered being one of the best dog’s I’ve ever owned.  

Tyson is one lucky boy.  His humans are getting married this fall, and he’s all set for a life of love, that’s for sure.  This cute picture was taken during their engagement session, and I just LOVE it.  Yes, of COURSE Tyson was at the shoot (obviously, right?!)  He’s not a big fan of that big camera.  But how cute is that face?

Ty, go on with your Rockstar self!

And here’s one more of him and his buddy Knox, napping during our trip to the Outer Banks this past September.  We’re so happy J & A decided he was a keeper 🙂

love them.

Lola’s Livin’ the Life!

That Lola… she just brings a smile to my face when I think of her.  She was such a happy girl.  I knew we’d have a good update for you guys soon, since she really really really lucked out with such a loving and special home.  She just finished her training class (and of course did fabulous!  This is Lola, EVERYTHING she does is Fab-u-lous!)

Here’s what her new mama had to say about how she’s settling into her new castle digs:

Hi MABB & J,

Just a little follow up on my little angel Lola.  What a dream, we just love her.  She went to her first obedience class this past Saturday, she entered the ring being extremely vocal and tail wagging.  Miss Lola had everyone laughing, she was a hit.  Lola is a very smart little creature and I know she will ace the classes.  I have been working with her at home and she is doing fine.

Lola really likes my little dog, Beans and I believe he has learned to like her also.  Lola is always looking for Beans when we go for a walk, she wants to be able to see him.

Lola has met one of my grandchildren and of course, it love at first sight.

I will try to send some pictures from my phone, but I don’t have many that depict her antics.  She truly enjoys running through piles of leaves so fast that her back end is entirly tucked in; she loves the freedom.
Her favorite pass-time is enjoying chewing on her bone that is filled with peanut butter; she has lots of bones.  At the end of the evening, when it is time for bed, she loves jumping on our bed and barking with excitement and acting crazy to get attention and then crashes and falls asleep.
She is very cookie orientated, so she learns new tricks pretty quick, like catching the bits of cookies that I toss to her.  She also is trying to  say ma ma,  really funny.   She is a good student and all her classmates like her and people fall in love with her.  She loves to jump up next to us and snuggle when it is time to nap.   She likes to sit on the bench in the kitchen and look out the window.  I put her crate right by the door so she can look out and see the squirrels and birds.
Thanks again for finding her for us.
We’re so pleased with the match between Lola and her forever family.  Makes our hearts smile.  Keep up the good work in training Lola!  And keep the smiles coming for that new lucky family of yours.

An update from Ivy

So since we’ve been in need of some good news, we wanted to share with you how wonderful our Ivy girl is doing!  (this is news that makes us very happy!)  We’ve been in touch with her adopters, and actually ran into them at Barcstober fest this past October (she was adopted in June 2011).

Here’s what they had to say:

After a bit of a rocky start, mostly due to our learning curve as new dog owners, Ivy (aka puppy) has settled in and we can’t imagine our lives without her. Even during the rocky start we were so torn about what to do because she’d wiggled her way into our hearts in such a short time … and when I say wiggled, I mean full body, butt almost hitting the head, wiggle! there’s nothing better than coming home to that every day! 🙂 

Ms. Ivy has attended and graduated from obedience training (the only one to graduate that day!) … and is a lady on leash and off, except for sometimes when her ball is involved, but she’s getting better at sharing! Boy, does she love her ball … and puppies. She LOVES puppies … and could play with them for hours. Also, when she’s really excited on a walk, she does this little bunny hop thing, which couldn’t be cuter. After a long walk or romp with her ball and friends, she likes nothing better than to curl up with one of us or her blanket(s) for a looong nap.

 I, like another previous foster update, was strictly against allowing our dog on the couch. She was going to learn to love her plush dog bed, darn it!! THAT lasted about as long as i could stand that gorgeous face staring at me in bewilderment. those ears!! She was on the couch within a couple of weeks … and remains there to this day.

This was our first christmas with a dog, so we weren’t sure what to expect with regards to the tree … but so far, aside from thinking the tree skirt was yet another blanket for her, she hasn’t fussed with it much. Every now and then I’ll find her sitting awkwardly underneath it … and have seen a few episodes of butt scratches on the branches, but mostly she leaves it alone. We (meaning my husband) thought we would need a fake tree from now on, but he seemed to have forgotten that our puppy is such a lady.

Anyway, I’ve gone on too long … but just wanted to take one more minute to thank you for all that you do for this breed and for all your support during those first couple of weeks when we had Ivy. You were extremely reassuring and I can honestly say that your support (along with MABB) is one of the reasons we are still the proud owners of a fantastic dog!!  Thank you!

Oh, and I’ve attached a few photos if you want to share … 🙂  Sorry for all the sleepy pictures, but she spends a lot of time doing that!We are so glad to hear how well Ivy is still doing.  We’ve been taking a lot of time this weekend to think back over all the dogs Knox has been a big foster-brother too, and Ivy was one of his favorites.  Despite the rocky start, C & E, Ivy’s mama and dad, are the epitome of committed and loving owners.  The second an issue came up, the communicated it with us, MABB, and got right to the trainer.  Because of their commitment, consistency and love for Ivy, she is now doing fabulous.  Now THAT is a happy ending that puts a smile on Knox’s face.

Our Little girl is all grown up!

Our last foster update (for now) was our first official foster, Jenny.  Jenny was a young pup, about 5 months when she was with us.  We tracked down her humans to check in on her (all they way up in Pennsylvania).  I wasn’t blogging at the time so I know you all don’t know a whole lot about this girl, but she was a SWEEEETIE.  Sweet as pie and cute as a button.  A tiny little love bug who was pretty low energy for a puppy.

cuddle bug J-Wow

Here is what her humans had to say about how Jenny (now Zoey) is doing… and wow, she is not a little girl anymore!Hi Jess!

It was nice hearing from you! I was just thinking a little while ago that I’d like to get some pictures to you guys.

Jenny (renamed Zoey) is doing just great.  She’s definitely not a puppy anymore! She weighs about as much as Diesel does! She’s not quite as tall though.  They just love each other.  I can’t imagine our lives without her.  I’ll send a few pics with this email but some of them aren’t the best shots so I’m going to attempt to take more.  They both freak out as soon as they hear the camera come on though.

Diesel and Zoey

For a few months after we adopted her we had similar problems with the potty training as you did.  She would come in from outside and pee right on the kitchen floor.  And it happened all the time.  We eventually broke her from that habit, after having to buy a new pack of paper towels every week.  Now she’s doing great- going outside where she’s supposed to.

Zoey and Diesel both love going out to the park to swim in the lake and run around with the other dogs at the dog park.  They are very social and we haven’t had any problems with either one of them.  You may notice, however, on some of the pics you can see that Zoey has a bit of a scar on her forehead.  The poor thing went to say hi to a dog down the street and apparently it didn’t like her too much.  We were able to separate them before he could really hurt her, but she does have a battle wound to show for it.  That just happened a few weeks ago, so we’re hoping her hair grows back soon.

J and I just found out recently that our household will be growing by a member in June (of the human kind 🙂 ) so we’re very anxious to see how the dogs will react with a baby around.  It may take some getting used to (since they’re used to getting all of the attention) but I’m sure they’ll make a great big brother and sister.

-A & J, Diesel, & Zoey

We are so excited for A & J and their growing family!  They shared a few more pictures of the pups so I’ll share those here with you. 

Here’s Diesel at the Lake where they both love to swim.

Doesn’t he remind you of Knox a little bit?

We’re happy to share (again) that another one of our foster pups made it out of Prince George’s County, where she didn’t have a chance, and is now living a happy life with a wonderful canine brother and two loving humans.

We’re so happy for you, Jenny (Zoey!)