A Weekend with Gremlin

Well wow, did that go well!gremlin ruby 014

Chocko’s actually extremely similar to Knox with other dogs in the house.  He sees them as friends and wants to cuddle, play, lick and romp around with them.  There has never (knock on wood) been an issue with other dogs in the house (or Kittens for that matter).  As a precaution, we keep toys and kongs and feedings separate, but since it’s near impossible to keep a 2nd dog in this house totally separated for more than a few hours, I’m thankful he’s so welcome to sharing his home.  The one thing he doesn’t like to share is his mama- he’s quite the attention snob- so we easily fix that by not showing any attention to either dog while they are together, and that seems to work like magic.  Chocko’s most pride possession is me (flattered, really), though I wish it wasn’t so.  If I were to guess what he would resource guard, if push came to shove, it would certainly be me.  So we just eliminate that (me giving physical attention to the dogs) completely.

Gremlin, aka Rudy

Gremlin, aka Rudy

So, the weekend in review: here’s a batch of un-edited, blurry, and fun snapshots of these two.  I love interpreting the body language in some of these still frames; I could watch dogs interact all day if I had time.  And I did for a while this weekend.  I’m just amazed about how much they ‘say’ without words.  What do you interpret these pictures to communicate?

gremlin ruby 004 gremlin ruby 008

gremlin ruby 012 gremlin ruby 042 gremlin ruby 044 gremlin ruby 117 gremlin ruby 119 gremlin ruby 120 gremlin ruby 121 gremlin ruby 124

They hit it off pretty well.  Rudy came in a bit shy and intimidating by Chocko’s overzealous excitement.  She certainly seemed more comfortable in the chair, above Chocko, though she learned to trust him pretty quickly.  He was often seen on his back swatting at her face, giving her his best, “How could you resist this hot bod, sweet little lady”.  Like I said, entertaining to say the least!  I’d chalk up the weekend to a big ‘ol SUCCESS.  And it made me love the Chockster just a teensy bit more.  🙂

If your looking for a pint size pocket gremlin pittie, fill out an application for this lil Rudy girl!

Words we haven’t said in a while…

Ready?  Chocko has a Valentine.  🙂

We have an ADOPTABLE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!   Oh my lordy!  Yes, it’s true!  Meet Rudy.

gremlin 012

This pocket sized pittie is here only for a short time.  She’s a scrumptious little thing, and sweet as anything.  It’s a nice little trial to see how Chocko does with fostering while Ruby’s full time foster mama is out of town.  Can’t wait to give you the full report on how things go next week!  (fingers crossed it is an excellent report!)



Hooray for the first step in getting out feet wet in the foster game again!

More bottle pups

Boy, do I love me some bottle pups- from a distance, of course!  Well that’s a lie, I like to get up close and personal with them.  Sniff their puppy breath, rub their bellies, let them canoodling in my arms…. BUT I like to give them back.


It sure does take a special person to handle a litter of bottle pups.  Unfortunately, when a litter like these 5 adorable pups show up alone, or with a mother that can’t (or isn’t) caring for them, their only chance of survival is going to a skilled and knowledgeable foster home who (this is the kicker) is WILLING to raise them, as their mama, for the next few weeks.


Do you have any idea what that means?!  I sure didn’t, until I started taking pictures of the first litter of bottle pups I posted.  It means, at first, feeding them every two hours, even over night!   Just like a newborn human.  Unlike a human though, there are 5 mouths to feed, not one.  It means doing laundry, every single day.  Stinky laundry.  When puppies are very young, their mothers do all the feeding and cleaning, so a mama with a litter is usually a whole lot easier to care for then a litter without a mama.  You care for the mama, the mama cares for the pups, done deal!  But, no mama?  Tough luck.  These pups need cleaning up around the clock (who’s going to invent puppy diapers?!)

It was unsuccessful at getting all 5 to look at me at any point - still cute though!

I was unsuccessful at getting all 5 to look at me at any point – still cute though!

These little cuties also happen to have a pretty bad case of kennel cough- that’s rough when you’re only 3 weeks old.  Luckily, our fabulous MABB puppy extraordinaire is there to look out for these snotty, whiney, soft, cuddly balls of fur until they are ready to be adopted!  They are somewhere between 3 and 4 weeks old right now, so hopefully in a month or so they will be healthy, well socialized, exuberant 8-week old pups!  Keep an eye out for these fabulous five in a month or so!

The three boys

The three boys

Handsome chuncker!

Handsome chuncker!

Fostermama's favorite, the lil runt...such a sweety!

Fostermama’s favorite, the lil runt…such a sweety!

Elderbull Alert! Sister Nancy, Saved by Sandy!

A few weeks ago Sandy tore through much of the East Coast.  BARCS had to evacuate, similar to last year when Irene came through.  However this time, instead of needing fosters for all the dogs, they were able to secure some trucks for transport as well as space in a city arena, above sea level (BARCS is waterfront, and AT sea level which poses major flooding risk).  This meant they needed a ton of man power to get the dogs walked, into crates and into those trucks, then unloaded.  Volunteers from all over the city showed up at 7am (many before) to help.  It was quite impressive and amazing.  I didn’t take any pictures that day, but my friend J was able to share some with me.

After setting up many of the dogs with water, food, and dry blankets, I looked over to see someone falling in love…

This is a friend I know from B-More Dog, falling into love with little old Nancy.   And somehow, Hurricane Sandy saved Nancy.  Well not somehow… if your involved in animal rescue at all, you know the pleas.  You’ve seen them..  Well it turns out that another friend I know through fostering and saw during the evacuation, saw the plea on facebook… and after getting home and dry he turned right around to get Nancy.

An older gal, stressed out, with a terrible case of kennel cough.  Lets just say her odds aren’t good in a city shelter.  So, in a way, Sandy Saved Nancy (along with a bunch of other kind souls who saw the goodness in hers).

And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Nancy!

I got to spend some time taking some glamour shots of Nancy this weekend.  Here’s what her foster mama had to say about this turn-key golden girl:

“Nancy is incredibly sweet. Housebroken. Crate trained. Has some
seriously cute ears! Loves to just be with you. Low energy but still
loves to run around and play at the appropriate times. Does well with
older (1-2 yrs or older) dogs that are not overly dominant or hyper.
She takes corrections very well. She’s not jumpy or hyper. Does great
on and off leash. Very good with strangers. She’d make a great “shop”
dog or would be good for someone who entertains a lot because she
loves everyone! Loves to give kisses. She is very gentle. Does well
with babies and toddlers. Loves to go for rides. She’s truly a
“turn-key” dog. She’d be perfect for any family. Can some one love her
the way she deserves to be loved for the rest of her years? She will
undoubtedly love you back ten fold!!”

If anyone is interested in adopting the FAB-U-LOUS elderbull, Nancy… please let me know, or contact BARCS directly.  I’m telling you, this girl is wonderful.

Feel free to network this girl!  She sure would appreciate it.

Gone with the Wind

Girlfriend is gone, gone with the wind.  So quick, like a nice spring breeze… she was in and out.

It’s a good thing too, since we were actually quite in love with the gal.  Had she stayed any longer, who knows what the turn out could have been.  

On paper, this gal’s resume could not be beat!  A total love?  check.  Walks perfectly on a leash?  Check.  Gets along great with other dogs?  Check check.  Laying at your feet for a belly rub every time you walk (instead of jumping in your face?) Check.  Really, she was quite a catch.  Oh and a beauty!?  HELLO— she’s gorgeous!

Which leads me to this handsome chap: Hans.

Holly + Hans… sitting in on a tree…

Could I possibly keep these two apart?!  I think not.  Who knew, after all Holly’s looking around for The One at the March For the Animals, he was waiting in the wind.

Holly at the Kissing Booth at March for the Animals!

So, Holly’s met her True Love.  And that’s that.  I realize I didn’t ever TELL you all about Holly.  It’s nothing new…the usual.  But Holly is about 3 years old.  She came into BARCS after just having a litter.  She was transferred to the SPCA, adopted out, returned, etc.  MABB finally stepped up when they saw what a super star she was, and the rest is history.    True love in the making.  That’s what it’s all about right?

Here’s to you, Hans and Holly!  To life long happiness.

Checkin’ out the Chesapeake

On a wonderful Saturday in the summer, what better a place to be then the beach?!  Now I do a lot of complaining about how far the ‘real’ beach is from Baltimore, but the bay is a perfect place for our two pitties to start getting their sea legs, and it’s only 20 minutes away (well the part that’s safe to swim in, anyway)! 

We visited Downs Park Dog Beach yesterday to see how these two city dogs faired in the water.  The results?  Eve went RIGHT IN!  So fearlessly I didn’t even whip my camera out fast enough…but oddly, that was it for her.  She didn’t enjoy it much, I guess… Or she was just way more interested in the other dogs on the sand (and there were a lot of them)!  She did a whole lot of this:

Knox on the other  hand has come a long way from his first water experience last summer, in which he flailed around like a drowning cat and attempted to climb a ladder to escape the evil water.   

Hesitant at first, all it took was a stick… and watching a few other dogs do it again and again, and surprisingly NOT being eaten by the evil water!

And my favorite picture of the day…

I just want to eat him up in this picture!  “I found the stick, ma, LOOK!!!”  I see ya buddy, I see ya.  UGH. love this guy.

So after the swimming, they did a lot of running around on the not so large beach, playing keep away with some other young pups.

And Eve was such a trooper, being on leash.  Here she is looking up to B.  What a cutie.

They were the perfect little pitties, and continued to spread love and demonstrate good manners.  What an excellent afternoon!  We can’t wait to go back…maybe not on a Saturday in the summer (it was crowded, and it is a small beach), but worth the experience. 

Next beach on our to-visit list: Quiet Waters in Annapolis…