Over the river and through the woods

Last Monday was a state holiday – what did that mean for us?  A group hike of course!  It was a chilly Monday, but we crammed into the car (yes, 3 humans and 3 pitbulls into a 4 door car), got some lattes, and hit the road!

We arrived at The Daniels Area of Patapsco State Park, and after a bit of “over the river” we were into the woods!

Chocko was accompanied by his good buddies, Tyson and Molly.  They romped, rolled, climbed and sniffed their way through some beautiful trails along the river.

We packed snacks, obviously (do you think we could get them to sit this still and intently in the midst of all the fall smells otherwise?)

Ty and Chock

And fit in some basic refresher training here and there…

But, since this was all about fun, we let the pups get wild and muddy in the water, and they had a messy blast!

Since it was chilly, overcast, and a Monday, we saw nobody on the trail.  It was a nice break from city life for the day and I kept asking, “Why don’t we do this more often?  No really… whyyyyy?”  I tell ya what, I cannot wait to get them back here in the warmer months!  The trail meanders along the river bank, and though it’s not exactly a challenging hike, it’s quite beautiful scenery.

“enough with the pictures, lets waaaalk”

” the leaves match my beautiful coat, mom! I think fall is my most complimentary season”

Before it gets too cold out, I hope we get another few hikes in the season!  Who knows, maybe we’ll solicit some more buddies in the Baltimore area to come along 🙂

This picture is proof that this hike effectively wore these pups out (and if you think they were this quite in the car on the way there… well that’s just ludicrous).

Random run-in!

Last week, Chocko and I had just returned home from basic obedience class and after circling to look for parking for a good 20 minutes, we were anxious to get inside and eat dinner.  Mr. Chocko was so tired, he laid down at my feet while I ate (if you could call my cabinet scavenging dinner) and played on my laptop.  My phone rang and it was the hubby reporting back on his fantasy football draft team.  I was zoning out because I could care less   on the edge of my seating, listening to his report when I was distracted with a notification on my facebook wall – it said “I’m outside your house”.  Well I jumped up, hung up on my husband and ran to the door.  Chocko was so confused but when I flung open the door at 9:15 pm, there she was!  Our virtual buddy, Juliana from Peace, Love & Fostering.  This was the 2nd time we’ve met face to face, but it was such a wonderful surprise this time!  And Chocko, despite his tiredness, did some breakdancing just for her.  Always the gracious host he is!

Anyway, here’s a few pics from our encounter!  Head over to her blog and check out her recap of the evening.  Chocko got some good night-cap belly rubs in too so he went to bed happy.

I love this small city and the random run in’s that happen here.  It’s not coined Smalltimore for nothin’!