Those Eyes

They are deep and dark and just beautiful.

And those lashes, just alluring…

We will admit, we are quite smitten with this lovely lady.

Aren’t you?


Run, Girlfriend, Run.

There’s just something heartwarming about seeing a dog running.  I’m not talking about jogging, or running with a human.  I mean full-out, sprinting till your backside-can’t-keep up-with-your-front-side running.

Running when your cheeks-go-flapping-in-the-wind, running

It’s not often we have the space, reliability, and training with our foster dogs to enjoy them off leash.  It’s a luxury we’ve only had with a handful of our fosters (Buddha, Eve and Lola were the few).  But sometimes the stars align and our hearts are warmed by those happiness-filling outdoor zoomies.

Clearly, it warms girlfriend’s heart too.